Waialua Sugar Mill Shops, North Shore

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Oahu, HI
Waialua Sugar Mill Shops, North Shore
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Waialua Sugar Mill Shops is a very fun place to visit while you're on North Shore. When you first drive in to the muddy dirt parking lot, it looks really dinky but don't turn around! There is a ton of fun to be had here! Check out North Shore Soap Factory. Go inside and in the door on your right and you can choose which soap you want to buy. There are many, with lovely mild fragrances. These are handmade soaps, and you can watch the young man making the soap, cutting huge blocks of soap, leaving soap out to dry on shelves. A shopkeeper gives you a personal tour for a few minutes, explaining how the soap is made. It's very fun! The lady who gave us a tour was from France so I enjoyed speaking French with her. After you buy some soaps (and are given some little soap samples) you can go to the stamping stations and stamp your soap with cute designs. This is very fun! You do it with a heavy hammer and the stamp of your choice. Kids love this. The soap factory also sells unique rubber duckies of all different types! You can get a surfer, policeman, joker, cupcake, or queen rubber ducky, just to name a few.

Another great place to check out is Waialua Coffee. This is a large store with tons of souvenirs! In the back you can sample the chocolate they make. If you ask for a tour, a nice girl will take you out back to see the coffee and chocolate plants, and to see where the cocoa beans are drying in the sun. You can even taste a cocoa bean- bitter! The fruit that wraps around the cocoa bean is delicious! After tasting the chocolate, you'll want to bring some home, as well as the amazing Uncle Mikey's dried pineapple! Kids can look at Hawaiian children's books here too.
Lastly, there's a surf shop here, Haleiwa Surfboard Company. You can buy surf contest shirts, which is awesome! Everyone is really friendly in this store too.
If you need to do some Christmas or souvenir shopping, or just want a great and friendly experience while on the North Shore, come to Waialua Sugar Mill.
The Waialua farmer's market is held here, on Saturdays 8:30-2.
Nice for a stroll and views of mountains and flowers is the Waialua Beach Rd bike path.
After, get a chicken enchilada from Cholo's Homestyle Mexican- delicious! It is a six minute drive away.

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Walking into North Shore Soap Factory, in the old sugar mill.

Rubber duckies of all types!!

Different soaps to buy.

A young man cuts the soap.

Where the soap is made and patterns are formed in it.

A giant chunk of beautiful, colorful soap waiting to be cut.

Mango, pikake, plumeria, and green tea lime soap on display. I love the design on the boxes!

Mint chocolate, pineapple, and coconut soap for sale.

Haleiwa Sunset soap smells so good! Wild Island Guava!

The hammer and stamp, and a Haleiwa Sunset soap stamped with Aloha.

Peanut butter with coconut, sold at Waialua Coffee. You can sample it- it's delicious!

Hawaii children's books for sale at Waialua Coffee.

Wooden children's playhouse, at Waialua Coffee.

Coffee plants in the back.

Cocoa beans in the sun to dry.

Cocoa plant in the back of Waialua Coffee.

A magic board can change you life- at Waialua Surf Shop.

Waialua Surf Shop has some cool t-shirts!

Amazing mountains you see on the drive to the sugar mill.

Beautiful trees and ocean view on the drive to Waialua.

The soap factory in the old mill.

An employee makes soap!

Cacao pods!

Cocoa beans out to dry.


Waialua Sugar Mill is located at 67-106 Kealohanui St, Waialua, HI 96791. Park in the dirt parking lot.


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