Corona del Mar Beach

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Orange County
Corona del Mar Beach
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Corona del Mar beach is a great spot to hang out for the morning. Joggers zip by on the paths above the beach while others sit on benches contemplating the pretty view. You can walk a steep path down, taking time to enjoy the lookouts on the way. Once at the bottom, your kids will enjoy playing in the sand or bodyboarding in the freezing water. The beach has a pretty curve to it and the three-storey beachhouses against the cliffs boast interesting architecture. Because the harbor is nearby, there are lots of boats to watch, which is fun for kids.

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Corona Del Mar Beach from above.

Narcissus Avenue, that leads down to the sea.

A couple sits up high above the beach looking at the blue sea.

Couple enjoying the views from Ocean Blvd.

Steep path leading down to the beach- better be fit for this one!

Lookout point halfway down.

Girls playing in the sand by the cliff.

Digging in the sand!

Beachhouses against the cliff- crazy!

Dad and daughter watching the boats.

Cliffs and rock formations.


From the Pacific Coast Highway, take one of the side streets like Narcissus Avenue toward the beach. You can park along one of these streets and then take steep paved path at the eastern end of the beach down to the sand.
Use this address for your GPS: 216 Narcissus Ave, Newport Beach CA 92625.


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