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Laguna Beach town
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Laguna Beach town is a wonderful place to walk around, enjoying the historic alleys and sweet architecture. It is located along Pacific Coast Highway and a few blocks back, behind Main Beach Park. One of the most adorable spots is by Gelato Paradiso, in an alley called Pepper Tree Lane. In this alley, everywhere you look there is something gorgeous: brick archways, ironwork lanterns, dark wood accents, bay windows, attractive white shutters, curlicue signs, knobbed tree trunks, and vines. Across South Coast Hwy is Wyland Galleries, always fun for a browse. South Coast Highway has many cute cafes and shops, including a hat shop called The Hat Box. 

Make your way along South Coast Highway to pedestrian-only Forest Ave where you will find trees, flower pots, and abundant seating under trees in flower boxes. This is a magical public space! Browse the Quiksilver shop. Moulin Bakery is here, with adorable red chairs and French decor. Continue north on Forest Ave, where it becomes a street with cars. Admire the tall tower of Laguna Presbyterian Church, and the cute picnic tables and statue of mother and baby in front. Here you can find the sweetest German architecture, and have a bite to eat at Rye Goods, an organic bakery. They have a pleasant though small interior, plus outdoor seating under green umbrellas in the German-style alley.
Keep exploring the little alleys and streets of Laguna Beach to find more delights!
After have a long walk along Main Beach to the tide pools at Bird Rock Beach. If you prefer a path, take the oceanfront path along Main Beach and up the stairs to Heisler Park. The oceanfront path goes for 1.5km from Laguna Ave in the south to 600 Cliff Drive in the north.
Just a few blocks back from Highway 1 are two little churches with stained glass windows: St. Francis by the Sea and St. Mary's Episcopal, which has concerts in summer once a month on Saturday at 5:30pm ($25 cost).
Part of the joy of going to Laguna Beach is the drive there, when you exit the freeway and take winding Laguna Canyon Road. If you pull over at Laguna Coast Wilderness Park, you can hike among the sandstone boulders!

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Seating outside in the pedestrian-only area of Forest Ave, near Moulin Bakery.

Interesting European architecture on Forest Ave.

Seating outside Rye Goods Organic Bakery.

Walking along the cute streets of downtown Laguna Beach.

Half-timbered building on Forest Ave.

Guests enjoy the outdoor seating on a Monday morning in August.

Baguette sandwiches stacked high, at Moulin Bakery.

Purple landscaping and Australian trees everywhere.

Cute architecture on the hillside.

Driving down to the beach.

Cute European architecture.

European architecture and tree-lined street.

Inside the alley where you can find Gelato Paradiso.

Brick archway in an alley called Pepper Tree Lane.

Lanterns and unique doorway in Pepper Tree Lane, an alley.

Lantern and tree trunk in Pepper Tree Lane, an alley.

Tree and ironwork railings in Pepper Tree Lane, an alley.

Gelato Paradiso in Pepper Tree Lane.

Tree and curlicue ironwork in Pepper Tree Lane, an alley.

Arched windows and ironwork railing in Pepper Tree Lane.

Pepper Tree Lane was created in 1934.

Sign with curlicue ironwork in Pepper Tree Lane.

Brick arch and black wall in Pepper Tree Lane.

Walking along Coast Highway.

Wyland Gallery.

Banner with the pirate tower at Victoria Beach.

The Hat Box store on Coast Highway.

Banner along the highway.

Lovely storefront and Australian tree.

White archway and colorful umbrellas, on Coast Highway.

Colorful sky, umbrellas, and planter.

Banner and building with arches in a tower in the distance.

Archway and flowers.

Walking past the shops.

A cafe near the beach.

Forest Ave is pedestrian-only in this spot.

Flower statues on Forest Ave.

Brick storefront on Forest Ave.

Girls walking along the pedestrian-only part of Forest Ave.

Magnolia tree at the pedestrian-only area of Forest Ave.

Seating on Forest Ave where it is pedestrian-only.

Pedestrian-only part of Forest Ave.

Moulin Bakery is a great place to go.

Clock and roses along the street, and so many lovely trees.

The wonderful eucalyptus trees on Forest Ave.

Attractive storefronts on Forest Ave.

Eucalyptus trees galore shade the pedestrian-only section of Forest Ave.

Telephone booth in mint green.

Lovely storefronts and eucalyptus trees on Forest Ave.

Cute architecture on Forest Ave.

Laguna Presbyterian Church, with adirondack chairs and eucalyptus trees in front.

Silver Dollar tree on Forest Ave.

Mother and baby sculpture outside Laguna Presbyterian Church.

German square on Forest Ave, where Rye Goods Bakery is located.

Silver Dollar tree with its lovely leaves.

Tower and lamppost.

German-style architecture in green.

The lovely square with German architecture on Forest Ave.

Morning buns at Rye Goods Bakery.

Inside Rye Goods Bakery.

Vertical garden along Highway 1.

Modern store.

Bead shop with blue doors.

Surf shop.

Yellow and purple flowers along Highway 1, by the sand volleyball.

Stripey umbrellas and flowers.

I love the eucalyptus trees along Highway 1.

Wyland gallery has ocean-themed art.

Lookout over the beach.

View of the curve of the beach, from a lookout.

In this fleeting moment what extravagant respite. Booming surf speaks its mystical passage across the undreamed depths.

I like the patterned bistro chairs at Moulin Bakery.

The interior of Moulin Bakery.

Hot pink bottle brush plants.

Fresh Produce Clothing Store has a sign with two shades of icy blue.

View of the beach and planter with purple flowers, in the pedestrian square on Forest Ave.

German-style building on Forest Ave.

I love this part of Forest Ave.

Metalwork mural on a side street.

I love this metalwork mural on a side street.

Historic photos in a window display.

Silver Dollar eucalyptus trees make you feel lucky!

The sweetest building.

Active Culture, a natural foods cafe.

Magnolia tree.

Flower pot in the sun.

Mural on a brick wall.

Umbrellas outside Moulin Bakery.

I love the bench in the outdoor seating at Moulin Bakery.

The pedestrian-only area of Forest Ave.

German buildings and Australian trees!

A statue of a deer with harp-shaped antlers, in the pedestrian square on Forest Ave.

It looks so much like Australia on Forest Avenue in Laguna Beach!


You can park along the road on Laguna Canyon Rd if you come early enough in the day.
Gelato Paradiso, 448 S Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, CA 92651. Open daily 11am-10pm.
Rye Goods Organic Bakery,  384 Forest Ave #4, Laguna Beach, CA 92651. Open daily 7am-7pm.
Moulin Bakery, 248 Forest Ave, Laguna Beach, CA 92651.


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