Las Brisas Restaurant, Laguna Beach

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Orange County
Las Brisas Restaurant, Laguna Beach
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Perched high above stunning Laguna Beach, Las Brisas Restaurant is a blissful place to enjoy lunch. Sit outside enjoying the blue and white tiles and the glorious views. Glass panes block some of the cold ocean air. The Mexican food is yummy. The prices are high, as expected for such an awe-inspiring location. I remember coming here when I was thirteen- the memory was so distinct because this is such a unique spot. Recently I returned and found it to live up to the memory, which is rarely the case! After your meal, stroll along the top of the cliffs at Heisler Park looking down at the icy blue-green water below. Or walk the steep path down to the beach. The shape of Laguna Beach and the color of the water make it one of the prettiest views around!

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Pretty tiled table.

Incredible ocean views!

Perfection- Laguna Beach.

Flowers galore, and the perfect curve of Laguna Beach, as you leave the restaurant.

Heisler Park, where you can walk on cliffs above the sea after you eat.


Las Brisas Restaurant is located at 361 Cliff Drive, Laguna Beach CA 92651, call (949) 497-5434. You can park your car along one of the side streets north of the restaurant.


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Sat, 13 Oct 2018

Bliss! I dine here whenever in Orange County.

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