Serrano Creek Park, Lake Forest

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Orange County
Serrano Creek Park, Lake Forest
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Serrano Creek Park offers shady, peaceful, paved paths in the middle of a eucalyptus forest. There are several routes you can take. It's delightful to walk among the beautiful trees. You don't see the creek the whole way (only once you get closer to Bake Pkwy), but it is there, making everything green. It can get hot at this walking path in summer because it is tucked down into a recessed area.

At the far east end of the path is a cute, shady playground for small children. It has a party gazebo with three picnic tables, rock-climbing boulders, steeping stones, a steering wheel, an animal tracks plaque, baby swings, swings, and a sad-looking space net. The flooring is spongy rubber and sometimes sand. There is a restroom near the playground.
The walk goes for 1.4km all the way to Bake Parkway (the trail becomes hard-packed dirt as you get closer to Bake Parkway). There is an equestrian center nearby and you sometimes see horses go by on the trail.
After, have a boba tea, coffee, or frozen yogurt with your kids at The Orchard Shopping Center, and check out the two stores kids love: Daiso Japanese Variety Store and Five Below.

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The playground, at the far end of the path.

Light making beautiful shapes everywhere.

The eucalyptus trees smell good!

Tall eucalyptus trees.

Looking up at the blue sky and eucalyptus trees.

The creek has bright green trees.

The path continues past eucalyptus trees galore.

Two women walk amid the eucalyptus trees.

The sky which looks like Australia!

Picnic table in the park.

Ornamental grasses on the hill.

Bougainvillea on the hillside.

Picnic tables and a log.

Picnic pavilion.

The playground is cute.

Stepping stones and baby swings at the playground.

A steering whell on the playground.

Toddler playground.

Climbing rock at the playground.


Serrano Creek Park is located on Serrano Rd near Shasta Lake Rd. There are many openings in the path where you can enter, along Serrano Rd. Park your car along the road where you see other cars, in order to find an opening.


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