Vantis Drive, Aliso Viejo

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Vantis Drive, Aliso Viejo
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Vantis Drive has modern, stark architecture in shades of grey and brown. It doesn't really fit in with the happy SoCal vibe you'd expect. There are lots of palm trees though, and other cute plants and flowers. You can have a cup of coffee at Seven Seas Roasting. They only have two places to sit inside, and the rest of the seating is outside, shady in the morning. After, stroll south down Vantis Drive and you will find two walking paths on your left. One goes behind some townhouses and has lovely landscaping plus views over the city! This one leads to a gazebo and then continues down a steep hill.
The other path goes down a very steep hill to the playground at Grand Park, down the park's winding paths past lush grass and beautiful trees, and further, to Aliso Viejo Town Center.

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Vantis at night.

Sunrise over the mountains in the distance.

Skinny palms add some color.

Wintry tree.

Redbud branches.

Alley between townhomes, with redbud trees.

Redbud tree and modern turret room.

Seven Seas Coffee.

Brick exteriors.

View over Grand Park.

Looking down at Aliso Viejo Town Center.

Copper sculpture of leaves, along the walking path.

Walking path and wooden benches.

Stone wall and townhomes.

The walking path with views over the city.

Stripey cactus along the walking path.

Hedges and winter trees along the walking path.

Seats with views over the city, along the walking path.

Views of fir trees and the city.

Winter, along the path.

Vantis apartments catching some sunlight.

Winter branch, and mountain peak.

Walking a dog by Vantis Apartments.

Succulent plant with flowers.

I like these desert palms.

The entrance is lush with palms.

Sunshine and tropical palm.

Nighttime at the townhomes.

Sculpture and reflecting pool outside Vantis Apartments.

Mountain views in Aliso Viejo, near Vantis Drive.

Walkway lined with bougainvillea.

Bougainvillea and the gorgeous trees beyond.

View of Aliso Viejo Town Center and the mountains.

The walkway in the late afternoon.


Seven Seas Roasting Company, 21 Vantis Dr, Aliso Viejo, CA 92656. There is parking in slots along the road.


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