Victoria Beach and Rapunzel Tower

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Victoria Beach and Rapunzel Tower
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A fantastic outing with a little bit of everything magical is a trip to Victoria Beach, Rapunzel Tower, and then Ruby's Diner! Victoria Beach is a wide cove below a ritzy neighborhood of homes with lovely gardens. You park on Highway 1 and then walk along one of the steep streets to the beach stairs at Victoria Dr and Sunset Terrace. There are flowers galore clinging to the cliffs as you walk down the stairs! It's very romantic!

Now, for even more romance! On the north end of the beach, climb over the rocks until you come to a round concrete pit. From here you can see the rapunzel tower! It was built by Senator William E. Brown as an enclosed staircase to get down to the beach. What a wonderful imagination! It is officially called Pirates Tower, but a Russian lady called it Rapunzel Tower when I was there, and I think that is far more fitting!  A little twisty tree is perched above it on the cliff. What an adorable scene! 
Spend some time on the sand at the beach, and then head to Ruby's Diner. It is wonderful to sit on their rooftop patio under red umbrellas checking out the sea and the hills covered in tropical plants and houses. Enjoy their yummy food! I had a delicious salad with apples, cranberries, pecans, pomegranate dressing, and bleu cheese. Kids adore seeing the 1950s-style diner with classic cars in front, an old telephone on the wall by the bathrooms, wait staff dressed in 1950s diner outfits, and red and white decor from an era gone by. Come on a sunny day if you can, but bring a puffer jacket anyway because it's always cold by the ocean in California.
While in Laguna Beach, check out gorgeous Heisler Park, with walkways on cliffs above the sea. It is a nine minute drive north.

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Daisies beside the stairs.

Mossy rocks and the ocean!

The path that leads below the cliffs to Rapunzel Tower.

The sweet beach.

The path over the rocks to Rapunzel Tower.

Mossy rocks and tide pools.

Water rushing between the rocks.

Beach houses!

Daisies, vines, and blue sky.

The cute shape of the beach.

Daisies galore!

I love daisies.

The steps that leads between houses to the beach.

Yellow house and gorgeous tree. I love these trees- they are all over Laguna Beach town.

Beautiful silvery tree.

Lavender spilling over a white wall.

The neighborhood you walk through to get to the beach. I love the sea views.

Half-timbered house and flowers spilling over a wall.

Views of the ocean as you walk through the neighborhood.

Daisies and sign for the beach.

Highway 1, which you can park on .


Victoria Beach staircase is located at 2700 Victoria Drive, on the corner of Victoria Dr and Sunset Terrace.
Rapunzel Tower is located on the north end of Victoria Beach- you have to climb over some rocks to get to it. 
Park your car along Highway 1, and then walk to the stairs. 
Drive slightly further along Highway 1 to get to the Ruby's Diner parking lot at 30622 S Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, CA 92651, for your meal.


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