Animal Kingdom Lodge

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Animal Kingdom Lodge
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It's a feast for the senses to dine at, visit, or stay at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge. Even as you walk in, you pass tropical plants and hear African music that makes you want to dance. The music has the perfect amount of energy- not too much buzz but just right! In the lobby, African furniture and decorations, plus African items on display, make for an immersive experience. Browse the gift shop which has some awesome rustic-looking items, plus a tic tac toe board you can play with your kids. It's fun to buy their delicious kids crackers and Snacks with Character (there's a picture of Goofy on the wrapper) dark chocolate bar, and chill in the lobby eating and listening to the music.

For African food, dine at the restaurant in the lobby called Boma- it is expensive though. In the lobby are huge windows looking out on the African savanna! Walk down the beautiful staircase to the viewing areas outside which looks out on the Arusha Savanna. There are three savannas with viewing areas on the property. Music once again greets you, as well as caves and tropical plants. Representatives from Africa stand to chat with you about their cultures at each viewing area. You never know what animals might roam past- zebras, giraffes, ostriches, gemsboks (antelopes with tall spear-shaped horns) many birds such as pelicans. It's a ton of fun!
The second viewing area, called Uzima Savanna, can be seen if you take the lobby (Jambo House) elevator to the bottom floor, walk out the glass doors, and then around the pool. Here you might see giraffes, bongos (antelope with white vertical stripes), kudus (spiral-horned antelope), gazelles, and blesboks (antelope with a white face). But the real stars are the flamingoes that have the funniest loud, frenzied moments. There are also white spoonbills that are so beautiful. 
To see more animals, walk from the front of the Jambo lobby along the parking lot sidewalks to Kidani Villas (to the west). Here you will find gorgeous African architecture, chunky rich brown buildings with colorful accents. And another outdoor viewing area called the Sunset Savanna, if you walk through the lodge lobby to the back. We saw wildebeest, antelope, crowned crane birds (so cute with big yellow crowns), and ankole cattle with enormous horns.
Animal Kingdom Lodge is a deluxe Disney resort, so the price for a room is high.
At Christmastime, Animal Kingdom Lodge has a beautiful tree with African musical instruments hanging on it. I loved it! The music is African Christmas music, which is also wonderful. And there are other Christmas decorations like wreaths and garlands, all with an African theme.
You can catch a free bus to Disney's Animal Kingdom theme park from Animal Kingdom Lodge. If you stay at a Disney hotel you get to enjoy extra magic hours in the parks, plus you can book your fastpass rides 60 days ahead rather than just 30 days ahead.

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Bird on a log.

Tree of life carving in a bench.

The hotel rooms look out on the animals.

Amazing birds.

Hibiscus flower.

The lodge.

Bird on a tree trunk.

Bench and lodge.

A zebra in the distance.

Giraffe relief in the rock.

The architecture is calming.

Wonderful landscaping at the viewing area.

Fire pit, as you walk out the back of the lodge.

Stairs leading down to the outdoor viewing area.

Elephant Christmas ball.

An African hat on display in the lobby.

The gift shop.

Tic tac toe table in the gift shop.

Wonderful furniture and rug in the lobby.


Furniture in the lobby.

Christmas wreath and lamps.

Flowers in the bamboo grove at the entrance.

The entrance to the lodge.

Chandeliers and wreath.

Chandeliers and Christmas tree!

Drum, on the Christmas tree.

String instrument on the Christmas tree.

Wonderful design on a Christmas ball.

Musical instrument on the Christmas tree.

Musical instrument on the Christmas tree.

Zebra ornament.

Animal print ornament.

Christmas tree and chandelier, and balconies, in the lobby.

Beads hanging from Christmas ornaments.

Dot painted Christmas tree decoration.

Christmas tree in the lobby!

Giraffes at the Sunset Savanna, as seen from Kidani Villas.

Antelope, at Sunset Savanna at Kidani Villas.

The entrance to Kidani Villas, with its thatched roof.

Wonderful lanterns and curvy architecture.

Proverbs are like butterflies, some are caught, some fly away.

African chandeliers in Kidani Villas lobby.

Sanaa restaurant entrance, in Kidani Villas.

Adult and child rocking chairs at the viewing area for the Sunset Savanna, at Kidani Villas.

Wildebeest sitting in a grove of trees.

Strong-looking antelope, at Sunset Savanna.

Wildebeest, at Sunset Savanna, at Kidani Villas.

Rocking chairs, colorful lampposts, and gorgeous architecture.

Looking back at the lobby.

Ankole Cattle, kept in Africa for their milk and as a sign of wealth.

Crowned crane birds are so cute!

Colorful lampposts on a sunny day at Kidani Villas.

The amazing chunky brown architecture of Kidani Villas.

Bronze butterly on a rock at the outdoor viewing area at Kidani Villas.

Rich brown architecture with colorful accents.

The viewing area at Sunset Savanna.

Bead and shell necklace from Africa.

Exterior wall decoration.

Inside the lobby (Jambo House), I love the furniture!

Amazing chairs!

The lobby is like a cathedral!

Fountain outside.

Beautiful rocks, plants, and decorations.

The pool.

Tropical plants.

White spoonbill. I love these guys!


Flamingo standing tall.

The flamingo is kicking his leg back, splashing the water!

Flamingo checking out the water!

Giraffe having a snack.

Multi-colored tower decoration.

Pool and banana tree.

Jambo House from the side.

Little fountain with banana tree and azalea flowers.

Bubbling fountain.

Boma restaurant decor.

Plants as you exit Jambo House.

Flamingoes fighting!


To enter Animal Kingdom Lodge, you need to be a guest or have a dinner reservation. If you're a Disney passholder, you can try showing your pass and they most likely will let you in. If not, you can also see if they will let you in, if you're lucky. If not, you can park at Disney Springs in the free parking and catch the free bus to the lodge, though I'm not sure that would be worth it. You can also catch a bus from Animal Kingdom theme park to Animal Kingdom Lodge.


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