Azalea Lane Playground, Winter Park

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Orlando, FL
Azalea Lane Playground, Winter Park
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Azalea Lane Playground is an adorable little park, the kind that your child remembers long after playing there. There is something sweet and cozy about the location, that the park is small and contained, with big trees hung with Spanish moss. The playground has a structure that is not your typical playground, but is made of a pale wood and low to the ground. There is a train, which is really fun, because kids can copy the real SunRail that goes past every so often right next to the playground! A purple dinosaur bouncy and a ladybug bouncy are fun to rock. There are picnic tables that are different to the usual (more comfy with backs). A tire swing, yellow twisty slide, three swings, wooden bridges, shaded house, cable with low grip, silver slides, and music area with drums make for tons of fun. The best part for us was the high yellow fireman pole! In the early evening plenty of families gather here after work for a play.

Another great playground in Winter Park is Castle Playground (or Community Playground) at Martin Luther King Jr Park, a huge wooden playground under thick shade of trees, on a pond, with a great exercise station.
After your play, have a meal at Park Ave, the best spot in Orlando! Or sit by the lake at Lakeside and enjoy a crispy hot dog at Shake Shack, a cafe that started out in NYC!

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The shaded house, wooden bridge, and metal toddler slide.

Music station with drums and chimes.

Purple dinosaur bouncy, picnic tables with chair backs, and trees for shade.

Azalea Lane Playground is a colorful, pretty playground.

The SunRail train goes by, while kids can climb into the blue and yellow play train!

Blue and yellow pretend train, and shaded wooden playground.


Azalea Lane Playground is located at 1045 Azalea Lane, Winter Park 32789.


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