Baldwin Park and New Broad Street

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Orlando, FL
Baldwin Park and New Broad Street
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It's wonderful to sit at a sidewalk cafe on New Broad Street under the perfect rows of palm trees with ferns planted in their grooves. The blue lake beckons in the distance. Cafe 906 is a good choice with its fresh-baked baguette sandwiches, or delicious crepes (easier on the mouth than the rough baguettes). After, do the 2.5 mile walk around the lake, accompanied by many fit people. Unfortunately the lake smells awful but you can't smell it from Cafe 906, only from the path.

This area has many pollutants that were never cleaned up properly (see article). There don't seem to be any plans to get it on the superfund list to be cleaned up. Otherwise it would be a great place to live, close to downtown.
If the lake is stinky on the day you come, drive eight minutes over to Leu Gardens for a stroll through their tropical wonderland (it is more lush in summer than winter). 
Five minutes drive west of the lake, along the main road Corinne Drive, where it meets Winter Park Rd, there are an amazing amount of cool cafes, coffee shops, and bakeries, with attractive indoor and outdoor seating. Check them out!

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The wonderful palms.

Looking down New Broad Street.

Sitting outside Cafe 906.

I love these palms with ferns growing in them.

Colibri Mexican Cuisine, on the water.

Palm trees lining the path that goes around Lake Baldwin.

Runners on a Saturday morning.

Birds on the shore of the lake- it smells very bad here.

A pier and gazebo on Lake Baldwin. Too bad the smell is awful.

Compass on the pier.

Kids playing outside Cafe 906 on a Saturday morning.

Sidewalk cafe on New Broad Street.

Beautiful heart-shaped leaves in a pot on Meeting Pl.

Lake Baldwin and some apartments in the distance.

Palms and tree along the walking path.

Blue heron by the gazebo on the lake.

Seating outside Cafe 906- beautiful!

The circle where New Broad Street meets the lake.

Gazebo on the lake.

Tiered fountain on New Broad Street.

Grass and trees on the path around Lake Baldwin.

Path that goes around Lake Baldwin.

Saturday morning walkers at Lake Baldwin.

Sunny day at Lake Baldwin walking trail.

Spanish moss on trees at Lake Baldwin.

Yellow flowers at the end of New Broad Street.

Flower pot by the lake.


Cafe 906 is located at 4932 New Broad St, Orlando, FL 32814. There is parking along the roads. From there, you can walk to the lakeside path that goes for 2.5 miles.


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