Basilica of Mary, Queen of the Universe

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Orlando, FL
Basilica of Mary, Queen of the Universe
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In keeping with the space theme in Florida, Mary is queen of the universe! This modern basilica in Orlando is gorgeous. If you're Catholic, you'll be proud to be when visiting here; if not, you'll wish you were. The rose window is my absolute favorite part of the basilica, and the side chapel with deep blue stained glass dotted with stars is magical as well. The interior of the basilica beckons you to stop and pray a while, taking in the lovely stained glass windows along each wall. There is a statue of Mary and child, and pretty arches all about. Come in between masses so you can stroll around and then catch the music at the beginning of the mass. The organ is bliss, as are the angelic voices of the choir. This is not your neighborhood church music! In the foyer you can light a candle and pray for a need or give thanks for all you have. The Mediterranean landcaping with canary palms all around the basilica adds to the beauty. Along the left side of the building is a small rosary garden with a statue of John Paul II, a pond with water lilies, trees with Spanish moss, a white statue of Mary and baby Jesus, and the stations of the cross. A large pool with water lilies and a fountain looks pretty beside the bridge where you enter the property. You can definitely find something you like at the gift shop which is packed with interesting things. There is also an attractive museum that describes the history of the church and features a few paintings.There aren't too many churches in America like those in Europe, so it's fun to visit this one and enjoy the inspiring aesthetics the Catholic Church is so good at creating.

After your visit, have a meal at Bahama Breeze, just down the road. The beef empanadas are perfection. I love the steel drum players and the breezy balcony with its lush landscaping.
Or go shopping at Orlando Vineland Premium Outlets, a pretty outdoor mall with lots of stores for kids.

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Water lilies in front of the basilica.

Bridge across water to the basilica.

Fountain and Chapel of Mother and Child.

Wide bridge to the basilica.

Coat of arms and blue sky.

Foyer with high, wooden ceiling.

Gorgeous arches inside the basilica.

Stained glass: story of Moses.

A small side chapel with magical deep blue stained glass depicting the universe.

Painting of Mary.

Golden tile mosaic and wooden sculptures.

Palms galore!

Garden with stations of the cross.

Statue of Mary and baby Jesus.

The garden.

The well-stocked gift shop.

Side view of the basilica.

Draw Strength sculpture.

Water lily.

Jesus, I Trust In You!

Manger scene in the side chapel at Christmastime.

Christmas tree in the foyer.

Mary, Joseph, and Jesus, in stained glass.

Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus, at the left side of the altar.

Statue of Joseph teaching Jesus carpentry, at the left side of the altar.

Christmas Around the World exhibit- a large candle is placed by a window and lit on Christmas Eve, in Ireland.

Christmas Around the World exhibit- United Kingdom.

Virgin of the Sign, from the Russian city of Rostov, 20th century. The Virgin and Christ Child are surrounded by 12 prophets from the new and old testament.

Approaching the church.

Palm trees galore!

Along the side of the church is a small rosary garden.

Statue of Pope John Paul II.

Yellow hibiscus in the garden.

Stations of the cross and a statue of Mary.

Water lilies in the rosary garden.

Station of the cross beside the water lilies.

Concert in the basilica, in February 2020.


Basilica of the National Shrine of Mary, Queen of the Universe is located at 8300 Vineland Ave, Orlando FL 32821. Call (407) 239-6600.
The basilica is open to the public M-F 7:30am-5pm, and Sat-Sun 7:30am-7:30pm. 
Masses are Mon-Sat at 8am, M-F at noon, Mon 7pm, Sat 6pm, Sun 7:30am, 9:30am, 11:30am, 6pm. 
Bahama Breeze Restaurant is located at 8735 Vineland Ave, Orlando FL 32821, call (407) 938-9010.


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Thu, 19 Mar 2020

Beautiful and very peaceful. Pretty gift shop.

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