Belle Isle Walk, Orlando

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Orlando, FL
Belle Isle Walk, Orlando
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It's lovely to walk along Seminole Drive and Nela Ave under the shade of huge oak trees and twisty tropical vines. You will see flowers and fire plants, and cute views of docks and lawns leading to the blue lakes, on both sides of the road! What a pretty walk!

Start at Warren Park where you can park your car in the spots on Warren Park Road. Here you can walk under shady oak trees along the circular path past some exercise stations. Cross Seminole Drive to the other section of Warren Park, where you will find a toddler playground, swing bench, sea grape trees, banana trees, and a dock over clear water with fish to see! It's lovely! Check out all the cute docks around and the large lake.
Continue along Seminole Drive and turn left on Nela Ave. You will pass new, impressive houses on the lake. You can take Nela Ave or Homewood Drive at one point. At the end you come to a bridge where the two large lakes connect. The bridge is in classic style with Italian banisters and a plaque that says Belle Isle 1924. At the end of the bridge is a white fountain. Turn left on Lake Drive and follow it for a little while if you'd like. 
You can continue around the south side of the lake (a 50 minute walk) or turn back and make your way back to Warren Park the same way you came(we turned back).
It's always surprising in Orlando how many sweet, nature-filled spots there are like this one, right in the middle of the ugly city sprawl.
This is a good walk to do if you have some time to kill near MCO Orlando airport. It is a six minute drive from the airport.
Another nice place nearby (13 minutes drive to the northwest) is Cypress Grove Park, with tall trees on a lake.

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House with lake view.

Fountain in the roundabout.

Dock and tropical plants.

View of the lake near the bridge.

The lake.

Walking over the bridge- tropical views.

Lawn and lake in the distance.

A nice house.

Pretty street with vines and bougainvillea.

Swing by the lake...idyllic.

Magnolia tree.

A fairy house someone made.

Dock on the lake, in lovely light.

Pretty light on a street curve.

Jungly vines.

Fish in a nest under the water.

Dock at Warren Park.

The waterfront section of Warren Park.

Banana trees by the Warren Park dock.

Dock on the lake at Warren Park.

Walking at the waterfront part of Warren Park.

Green grass and shade at Warren Park.

Exercise station at Warren Park.

Oak trees galore at Warren Park.


Park at Warren Park in the parking slots on Warren Park Rd. Walk west on Seminole Dr, Homewood Dr, Nela Ave. Cross the bridge and then turn around and go back to Warren Park. 
This is a one hour walk, thirty minutes each way, if you turn back when you get to Lake Drive. 3 miles total. 
If you walk the whole lake it's a 4 mile walk that takes 1 hour 20 minutes. I have not walked the south side of the lake.


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