Celebration Town, near Kissimmee

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Orlando, FL
Celebration Town, near Kissimmee
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I had been curious about Celebration for years, thinking it would be like Disney World for living in. But it's really just a neighborhood of pretty homes built around 1995. They are New England in style but not overly colorful like one would expect from Disney. Trees abound which makes it a lovely town for long walks.

The main street, Market Street, has a row of sidewalk cafes that lead down to the lake. Here the buildings are a little more colorful. Cornerstone Market and Deli has nice breakfast bagels, and seating outside. Market Street Gallery is a gift shop with a great toy section- it's worth checking out! On Sundays from 9-2 there is a farmers market that takes up the entire street. 
On Front St, which borders the lake, there are also plenty of restaurants, and a nice Starbucks with outdoor seating situated around a tree. The lake has wooden adirondack chairs shaded by green umbrellas around its cement shore. Here you can sit on the cement steps and enjoy an ice cream cone from Kilwin's, across the street. The chocolate ice cream is delicious- not too sweet. Across the street from Kilwin's is a splash pad, on the promenade. It is fun for kids, and lit up gorgeously at night. Many tourists and residents hang out at the lake every night, so it's a fun atmosphere.
There are many walking paths in Celebration that are beautiful. You can walk 1.3 miles from Celebration Lakeside Park to East Crescent Park, in the shade along the lake, sometimes taking wooden boardwalks through the jungly areas. You will likely see baby alligators and birds.
Driving out of Celebration, you are in Kissimmee, so you are in an area that was historically cleared for cattle farming and is therefore very plain and flat, with few trees.
For a great playground with a space net, rock-climbing wall, tire swing, and see saw, check out Spring Park Playground.
The houses in Celebration are always decked out in decorations depending on the season or holiday. It's wonderful to walk around during Christmastime, Halloween, Memorial Day, and check out the colorful decorations. 
If you want a European-style town center that is chic and upscale, check out Park Ave in Winter Park, another charming part of Orlando.

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Starbucks Coffee outdoor seating around a tree.

Upper Crust Pizza Cafe.

Caribbean-style architecture.

Seating outside the deli and market on Market Street.

Tropical-colored building.

Avocado Mexican Grill looks pretty.

Kilwin's Chocolates.

The lake at Christmastime.

Promenade along the lake.

Splash pad on a warm October day.

Shady walkway at the lake.

The colorful buildings on Market Street.

I like this building!

Christmas tree and gingerbread family!

Orange and pink building on Market Street.

Kilwin's, a great place to get ice cream and eat it by the lake.

An elderly man and a couple sit on wooden chairs under shade umbrellas by the lake.

Christmas decorations around town.

Cute island of palms and splash pad lit at night.

Splash pad in the evening.

Cute lights in Lakeside Park.

Sliver of moon.

Amazing lights at the splash pad. I love Florida!

One of the entrances to the walking path, on Eastlawn Dr.

Eastlawn Dr is lined with California palms!

Victorian house and palms.

Eastlawn Drive has nice brick walls.

Beautiful winding path and bright grass.

Mansion on Eastlawn Drive.

Cute Colonial-style house.

Yellow Victorian house.

Cement walking path in the forest.

Looking up at the magical trees.

Wooden boardwalk in the forest.

Walking path near Bohemian Hotel.

Bohemian Hotel, as seen from the popular walking path.

Colorful building near Starbucks.

Bohemian Hotel, as seen from the walking path.

Nice outdoor area under a tree, at Starbucks.

The post office! On Market Street.

Even the 7-Eleven is beautiful in Celebration! It is on Celebration Blvd, near the freeway entrance.

Perfect evening by the lake.

View of the lake promenade, from under an umbrella on a rocking chair!

The promenade by the lake.

The splash pad, across from Kilwin's.

Pretty greens in the forest, near the Bohemian Hotel.

Blue Victorian house on Wisteria Lane- I love it!

Shady walks galore.

Baby alligator on a pipe!

Lake Evalyn and puffy clouds.

I love this green spot where the path begins on Bloom Street.

Farmers market on Sunday.

Celebration fountain, on Market Street- a nice place to go during the farmers market.

Farmers market stalls, Sundays 9-2.

Looking down the canal on Front Street.

Alligator behind flowers, at the canal on Front Street.

Openings to the sky, at the top of a building on Market Street.

Purple flowers at Founders Park.

Sitting by Lake Rianhard, the main lake in downtown Celebration.

Christmas ball on a lamppost on Market Street.

Nativity scene near Lakeside Park.

Cruising on the rocking chairs at the lake.

House decorated for Christmas, with lovely Norfolk pine in the yard.

The Christmas tree on Market Street.

Looking toward the hotel and Mexican restaurant and the promenade along the lake.

The old movie theater.

Umbrellas on the lake.

Cool building on Market Street, with cutout design at the top.

Seating outside the Panera Bread cafe, on the outskirts of town.

Purple flowers at the parking spots on Sycamore Street.

Lakeside Park strung lights give it a sense of place.

Marry Me sign at the splash pad.

Bohemian Hotel.

Clouds in winter at the lake.

I like this view, where Bloom Street meets the lake.

It's pretty outside Starbucks in the main part of town.

Blue fountain on Market Street, under oak trees.

Ibis bird on the railing by the lake.

Carriage ride!

Bohemian Hotel at night.

Forest lit up along the lakeside walk.

View of the lake from the lakeside path at night.

The lake and the Bohemian Hotel at night.

View of the lake at night from Front Street.

Market Street and its strings of lights.

Sitting by the lake at night, where Market Street meets Front Street.

Resident event in Lakeside Park- pretty lights!

Starbucks and its beautiful tree in the middle of the outdoor seating.

Carriage ride.

Lights strung across Market Street.

Hanging out by the splash pad after an event.

Thai restaurant at Halloween.

Cornerstone Deli at night.

Starbucks at night.

Celebration Town Tavern at night.

People stroll along Market Street, under the lights, at night.

Lakeside Park lit up at night.

The promenade lit up at night.

Caribbean building and lights on Market Street.

Outdoor dining on Market Street at night.

Disney-themed Christmas decorations on a balcony on Front Street.

The art deco spires, where Kilwin's ice cream store is located.

Lamplit promenade.

The lights for community concerts, which make a sense of place at Lakeside Park.

Lampposts in the evening at the lakeside promenade.

Christmas tree and decorations on Market Street.

Fake snow event. Music and a very festival feel!

Walking along the lakeside promenade at night in December.

The wonderful lights at Lakeside Park.

The umbrellas on the lake, romantic at night.

Halloween lights on Market Street.

Tables along Market Street.

Cornerstone Market and Deli.

Round post office and Thai restaurant at night.

The splash pad across from Kilwin's is beautiful at night.

The fountain at the top of Market Street, at night.


Celebration Town Center is located around 721 Front St, Kissimmee 34747. There is free parking along the road.
Cornerstone Market & Deli, 603 Market St, Celebration, FL 34747.
Kilwin's Ice Cream, 671 Front St Suite 140, Celebration, FL 34747.


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