Chocolate Kingdom, near I-Drive

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Orlando, FL
Chocolate Kingdom, near I-Drive
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Chocolate Kingdom offers a 45 minute tour of a chocolate factory. It is a small enterprise that makes handmade chocolates that are sold in the lobby of the factory. The tour is pretty basic but entertaining. First you watch a film, and then enter a room where you learn about the history of chocolate. You taste a cocoa bean coated in sugar, which is delicious. Then you taste the drink that the Mayan king used to drink, a sort of hot cocoa with a strange spice- interesting! Little cartoon clips are shown in each part of the tour to keep kids engaged. The next room has three catapults where you launch marshmallows into the mouth of a dragon. After, you eat a chocolate-covered marshmallow. The next room is where the chocolates are made and you see the old-fashioned equipment that does the work. Ladies in the room hand-coat the chocolates while you watch. You taste a raw cocoa bean, as well as some liquid cocoa that is very bitter. Next, the tour guide describes the three types of chocolate: white, milk, and dark, and you get a sample of each. And that concludes the tour! There were about seven people in our tour group.

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The tour guide who teaches you about chocolate.

Cocoa beans you can taste.

Tools for making Mexican cocoa.

Displays about the history of chocolate.

The melangeur machine mixes the cocoa with other ingredients, and conching takes place.

This machine grinds the beans.

Chocolate dripping out of a machine.

Finishing touches are done by hand, and the chocolates are placed in the refrigerator below.

Chocolates in the lobby display counter.

Marshmallow launching.


Chocolate Kingdom is located at 9901 Hawaiian Ct, Orlando FL 32819. There is plenty of parking.
Open daily 10:30-6. 
Cost for the tour is $17 for adults and $13 for kids.


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