Conch Flats Nature Path, Disney Springs

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Orlando, FL
Conch Flats Nature Path, Disney Springs
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NOTE: During covid this trail is not open into Disney Springs since there is no temperature check- you have to go through Saratoga Springs Resort's paths to get back to Disney Springs.

It's nice to follow the Sassagoula River and walk beside the Old Florida forest past wildflowers. There is a wide one-mile path between Disney Springs shops and restaurants, and Old Key West Resort, called Conch Flats Trail. It feels lovely to be in nature, though employee golf carts whizz by constantly and wave hello, so you can't get lost in your thoughts.
Start at the House of Blues end of Disney Springs, or at the Strawberry Parking Lot. If you want a shaded parking lot, choose the Orange Parking Lot instead, or choose it if the Strawberry Parking Lot is closed, which it often is. You can start this walk as early as 8am, since the Orange Parking Lot opens at that time. Park on the third level so that you can then make your way to Disney Springs, walk past the shops, and then get to the beginning of the trail. 
Follow the trail along the river and at the last bridge you can cross over into Old Key West Resort, though there isn't that much to see there. 
On your way back you can cross the last bridge over to Saratoga Springs Resort and follow its path back to Disney Springs, if you'd like some variety. 
The golf course paths are closed to pedestrians at all times, but the nature paths are open for people wanting to go for a stroll or jog.

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Tropical plants on the trail at Saratoga Springs Resort, after you cross the bridge.

Here is the walk, mapped out!

Looking across to the gazebo at Saratoga Springs Resort.

Bridge, and lovely river.

The river and bird houses.

Shady trail.

Winding trail.

A pleasant walk.

Lots of forest and water.

Beautyberries are so cool!

Beautyberry bush. I love these!

Bridge and lots of grass.

Walking past the bridge.

The wide path.


The sign.

Old Key West Resort is a bit plain-looking.

Forest and blue sky.

View of Disney Springs.


Park in the Orange Parking Lot (third level is easiest) at 8am for the coolest weather. The Strawberry Parking Lot is closer to the trail but is often closed and also has no shade.


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