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Drive along Lakeshore Drive, Clermont

Orlando, FL
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Drive along Lakeshore Drive, Clermont, Orlando FL


It's wonderful to drive along Lakeshore Drive in Clermont. Groups of motorcycle riders always know the best places to drive and this is one of the places they choose. On one side of you are houses and mansions on slopes with views of the lake, and on the other side are docks belonging to those houses. Each dock is personalized; some have tree swings or adirondack chairs, all inviting. You drive under tall oak trees strung with Spanish moss blowing in the warm lake breeze. It is bliss!
There aren't many places to stop since you can't really pull over easily, but you can pull up one of the hilly side streets and check out the view of the lake.
(If you need a playground for your child, take a four minute detour and check out Paradise Park, a magical tree house park!)
Once you reach the northern shore of Lake Minnehaha (after 3.5 miles of driving along the lake), you can stop at Park of Indian Hills, a park with no real amenities but a lovely atmosphere. Here there are incredible, big trees with Spanish moss, and a short strip of sand with the lake splashing its shore. Abundant grass and little daisies add to the pretty scene. There are also cypress trees, and the lake makes a wonderful splush sound around them. Enjoy the gorgeous breeze off the water. You can park and watch the water from your car, but I suggest getting out so you don't miss out on the breeze.
From Park of Indian Hills, head north on 12th Street for 2.5 miles (stop at West Beach Park for a cute playground and fishing pier over the lake, or at beautiful Lake Hiawatha Preserve- it has big trees, disc golf, a wonderful playground with a working water tower, and shaded walkways beside green fields), and continue your drive by turning right on Lake Minneola Shores. Here you cross over a bridge with the water making waves beneath you. It's a wonderful drive! Stop for a drink at Tiki Bar Grill, in Minneola, on the lake. If you don't want to spend any money, stop at either Waterfront Park or Victory Pointe, and sit by the water, taking in the lovely breeze. Lilly's on the Lake is a cute cafe at 8th Street Pier in downtown Clermont with picnic tables over the lake, and a lover's swing in the tree.
Since Florida is so  hot, a drive is always a good idea, or sitting at a park enjoying the lake breeze. But if you want to walk, it is hard to find a shady path in Clermont. There is very little shade on the S. Lake Trail bike path, West Orange Trail bike path, or the sidewalks between 8th Street Pier and Waterfront Park. The best places to find shade for walking are Lake Hiawatha Preserve, paths on a disc golf course, and Crooked River Preserve, white sandy hiking trails.
Otherwise, if you come to Clermont come on a cloudy or rainy day, early in the morning, or at sunset, so you don't get so hot. Clermont is a long drive from Orlando, with no freeway accessing it, so pick your day wisely!



12004 Lakeshore Drive is a good address to use in your GPS to start the drive. Drive north along Lakeshore Drive. After 3.5 miles, turn right on 12th Street. After 2.5 miles, turn right on Lake Minneola Shores Drive. End your drive at Tiki Bar Grill in Minneola, Waterfront Park, or Victory Pointe.

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