Gaylord Palms Resort and ICE

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Orlando, FL
Gaylord Palms Resort and ICE
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Gaylord Palms is a large resort inside a giant atrium. No matter the weather outside, you can walk around the atrium past tropical flowers, waterfalls, streams, and check out the fish and alligators. In the Key West area there are Caribbean themed structures and a sailing ship that houses a restaurant. On the opposite side of the atrium is the Everglades area with a boardwalk and pools with alligators. The center part of the atrium is themed like a fort in St. Augustine with chunky stone walls, and pools filled with koi fish.

Parking is $25, or you can spend $75 at a restaurant to get your parking validated.
From late November to early January there is a special event called ICE. You dress up in your warmest clothes (beanie, gloves, sweater, wool socks, and parka) and go into a tent that is 9 degrees fahrenheit! Then you walk through different rooms checking out the amazing colored ice sculptures. They really are incredible. I love the large clear chunks of ice too, and there are slides made of them that you can slide down. You have to wear the parka they give you in order to go down the slide. The only annoying thing about ICE is that the music is loud and in your face so you can hardly enjoy what you're looking at. After visiting the ICE event, walk around the atrium of the resort.

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Key West architecture in the atrium.

St. Augustine fort in the atrium.

Wonderful Christmas decorations!!

Christmas decorations in lime green.

Pool of blue-green water.

Turtle swimming along.

Baby alligator!

Waterfall and ferns.

Baby alligators staying together.

Waterfall through a rock arch.

Waterfall and hanging vines.

Light shining on palm leaves in the atrium.

Baby gator climbing up.

Anthuriums in the sun.

Looking up at the atrium.

Ice wheel.

Boys stand by the train made of ice.

Snowman and gingerbread house made of ice.

Conductor made of ice.

Waiters made of ice.

Hot chocolate sculpted of ice!!

Musician by a fire.

Looking through the ice- beautiful.

Train and ice splash.

The satisfying chunks of ice.

Looking down the slide. This slide experience is cold!!

The train.

Chunks of ice. I love these!

Kids sliding down the ice slides.

Tunnel of ice- mystical.

Chunky ice in the tunnel wall.

Little tunnel of ice you can climb through.

A man sculpts some ice.

Presents made of ice!

This is a pretty section. Three cheers for Christmas!

Colored ice details.

Clear ice nativity scene- a magical spot.

The wise men, in clear ice.

Looking back at the magical nativity scene in clear ice.

Ship inside the atrium.

Christmas train set in the sand.

Beautiful plants.

Christmas decorations in icy turquoise blue.

Clear water by the ship.

Beautiful shades of water.

The Key West area.

Epidendrum and tropical plants at the fort.

The fort.

Looking down from the top of the fort.

Tropical fruit in the atrium.

Walking the walls of the fort.

Christmas decorations in red and lime green.

The chunky walls of the fort.

Christmas sleigh and thin palms.

Tropical plant leaning over clear water.

Koi fish!

Dolphin sculpture and pretty rotunda.


Gaylord Palms Resort is located at 6000 W Osceola Pkwy, Kissimmee, FL 34746. Parking is $25, or you can spend $75 at a restaurant and get your ticket validated.
ICE costs $29 for adults and $15 for children, plus $25 for parking.


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