Gilbert Park, Mount Dora

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Orlando, FL
Gilbert Park, Mount Dora
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Gilbert Park is a delightful spot near the action in Mount Dora. For kids, it's a dream, with a huge ship playground full of imagination. There's also a super cool rope climbey that big kids and even teens adore. Saucer swings, and another huge playground round out the offerings!

It's lovely to walk past the playground down a little path to the stream where there are an abundance of flowers, tropical plants, and trees. What a peaceful, lush spot!
Gilbert Park extends to a large grassy sloped area with lots of trees and some picnic pavilions. 
Continue walking toward the lake and you'll reach Grantham Pointe, the land that juts out into the lake, where you will find a lighthouse, and plenty of boats zooming by. You can continue your walk either south to the long Palm Island Park boardwalk or north to Donnelly Street, the hilly main strip of Mount Dora town with lots of cute shops and cafes.
For a more peaceful park with almost no one there, check out Trimble Park on Lake Beauclair, an eight minute drive away.

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The ship playground, under huge trees.

Saucer swings and regular swings.

The swings and ship playground.

Awesome rope climby that older kids love.

The toddler playground.

Picnic table and pavilions in the distance.

Shady spot with benches, by the stream.

The stream is lovely.

Flowers by the stream.

Iris flower.

Picnic pavilion and bright grass.

The stream and tall trees.

The stream runs over pebbles, with a pretty bank beside.

Old gnarled tree.

Lawn with many trees.

Gardenia with lovely leaves.

Magnolia flowers in April.

The beautiful vegetation.


Gilbert Park is located at 310 S Tremain St, Mt Dora, FL 32757. There is plenty of free parking.


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