Golfpark Drive Walk, Celebration

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Golfpark Drive Walk, Celebration
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Golfpark Drive Walk is a pleasant walk along the golf course in Celebration, past pretty houses, gardens, mansions, canals, ducks, herons and egrets, bridges, and places to eat.

Start at the adorable round post office on Market Street. Walk north up Water Street. Check out the little canal with venetian bridges and ducks. There are lilies and little waterfalls under the bridges. When you get to the golf course, take the sidewalk along Golfpark Drive, along the water, to the west until you reach Camellia Street. Walk south on Camellia Street, past a little square with flowers called Veranda Park, past a cute, shady playground called Longmeadow Park, and a square with a Spanish fountain. Turn left on Mulberry Ave and walk up Water Street again, on the other side of the water. Turn right on Golfpark Drive and follow it along the water, admiring the herons and egrets, and the mansions on the other side of the road. These are often decorated well for various holidays. Turn right on Arbor Circle and walk the entire circle, enjoying the views of the forest in the middle of the circle (called Arbor Park- you can walk a boardwalk through it), and the amazing mansions around you. Take Arbor Circle south till you get to Celebration Ave. Cross Celebration Ave, and admire the California look of the Mirasol apartments entrance. Continue east along Celebration Ave and then along Front Street. There are lovely trees and lilies along the canal here. Take Market Street back to your car. You can get a juicer juice at a place on Market Street, ice cream at Kilwin's, coffee at Starbucks, or meal in Celebration Town, which centers around Market Street. This is a 2.2 mile walk.
This is one of many wonderful walks in Celebration.

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The walk.

Pretty walk along Sycamore Street, a side street near this walk.

Sycamore Street is a pretty side street that leads to Golfpark Drive.

Mansion with American flags.

Views of the golf course.

Lovely shining water at the golf course.

Bench along Golfpark Drive.

Boardwalk in the forest at Arbor Circle.

Gazebo at the entrance to Arbor Circle.

Carved wood doorway.

Amazing mansion on Arbor Circle.

Details on a mansion on Arbor Circle.

Victorian house.

Blue house.

Golfpark Drive in light that casts shadows.

Palm trees in front of Mirasol apartments.

Mirasol entrance looks like California!

Crazy huge grasshoppers between the canal and Mirasol apartments.

Lily along the canal on Front Street.

Walking along Front Street.

The canal on Front Street.

Lilies at the canal on Front Street.

Lilies catching the light.

Lakeside Park, as seen from Front Street. I love the strung lights that make a sense of place.

Bridge on the lake, as seen from Front Street.

The old movie theater on Front Street.

Splash pad with compass, on Front Street.

Canal on Water Street.

Mini waterfalls in the canal on Water Street.

Little waterfalls in the canal on Water Street.

Ducks waddling into the water.

Ducks on the canal on Water Street.

Ducks swimming along in the canal on Water Street.

Ducks and ibis bird.

Sweet house with flowering arch, on Water Street.

Bench by the canal on Water Street.

Brightly colored plants.

Bench and golf course hills on Golfpark Drive.

Mediterranean house near Golfpark Drive.

Tree with purple flowers near Celebration K-8.

Flowers and white picket fence on Arbor Circle.

White impatiens and purple flowers on Arbor Circle.

A unique mansion in the distance.

I love this mansion, on Arbor Circle!

Arbor Circle is shady and lovely.

Blue Victorian house with white rocking chair, on a side street.


Start the walk at the post office at 601 Market Street. There is free parking along the street.


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