Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive

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Orlando, FL
Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive
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It's fun to drive on a narrow strip of land between two bodies of water, on the Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive. On a hot Florida day, it's a great way to see nature from the comfort of your car's AC! The wildlife is right next to you since the water is right beside your car! 

Come on a sunny day and you will see plenty of alligators swimming lazily by, blue herons sitting on the shore, snowy egrets searching determinedly for their next snack, and least bitterns standing tall. In summer, lily pads with flowers add a pretty touch. The water extends far toward the horizon, reflecting little clouds, and making the world feel expansive. 
There is an audio tour that you can listen to on the web from your phone as you drive along. The narrators have pleasant voices. There are eleven stations, numbered on signs, matching the audio chapters. 
When you get to signs that say north or west trail, choose the north one if you want your drive to end sooner. It can get a little long by the end, but not bad at all. Come early in the day so it's not crowded or you might get stuck behind cars.
NOTE: This drive is only open Fri-Sun.
In winter, many birds migrate here so you will see a great variety, but there is tons to see all year round.
This area used to be farmland that was severely polluted with pesticides. The natural management agencies have done a great job restoring it so that the wildlife can thrive here.
After, have a chocolate croissant at Rosallie French Cafe in Winter Garden, seventeen minutes drive to the south.

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Blue heron by a canal.

The landscape.

Bird drying its wings.

The dirt road.

Bird and duck weed.

Bird in a tree.

Blue heron and blue canal.

A snowy egret hunts on the opposite shore.

Alligator. What a beauty.

Birds gathering in the sun.

Snowy egret busy as work.

Alligator near a bird.

Alligator cruising along.

Lily pads and tall grasses.

Two alligators.

Two alligators headed in opposite directions.

Cloud reflection.

Sparkling water.

Snowy egret. I love these guys.


Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive is located at 2850 Lust Rd, Apopka, FL 32703. There is a small sign on Lust Drive pointing the way. You pass a ranger station but entrance is free. There are a few different routes but all lead out in the end. Follow the other cars, or ask for a map from the ranger. Choose the north trail near the end if you want your drive to end sooner since the west trail is longer.
Open Fri-Sun 7-3. Come early for less cars!


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