Lake Davis Park path, Downtown Orlando

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Orlando, FL
Lake Davis Park path, Downtown Orlando
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It's nice to take a break from the roaring cars of downtown and walk around Lake Davis. This is a small lake in a residential area of downtown, with plenty of lovely mansions. There are many birds and beautiful cypress trees along the shore. There is a cute duck crossing street sign at adjacent Lake Cherokee! The ducks cross from Lake Davis, through graceful Cherokee Park, to Lake Cherokee. And many trees to shade you. Make sure you include Lake Cherokee in your walk because it is glorious. The sidewalk is raised up high above the lake making for a nice vantage point, and there are tropical trees towering above you. At Lake Cherokee, when the sidewalk ends, cross the road and continue around the lake. Some houses appear to block the way back, but continue around the houses and you will get back to the other side of the lake. It's very pretty in this Lake Cherokee Historic District

After, have a cup of tea and cookie at 903 Mills Market Cafe, where you can sit outside and listen to the cicadas buzzing mightily in the oak trees above.
Twelve minutes drive south, check out Cypress Grove Park, a gorgeous place with winding paths, a lake with a gazebo, a 1920s mansion, a playground, and tall unusual cypress trees strung with Spanish moss.
Six minutes north, check out Lake Eola, a glorious lake with animals galore, sculptures, and a city atmosphere with tall glass buildings.

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Red umbrella outside 903 Mills Market Cafe.

Seating cabana outside 903 Mills Market Cafe.

Mills Market Cafe is rugged but pleasant.

Walkway around Lake Davis, plus Cypress trees.

Shady section of the path.

Silvery fan palm.

Gnarled trees.

Wonderful tree branch reaching toward the water.

Palms bending toward the path.

Anhinga bird looking regal.

Neighbor feeding the swans.

Beautiful house.

Ducks gathering in a mystical spot.

Green lawn and pathway.

Ibis bird checking for worms.

Winding path and tall palms.

Tropical plants cheering up the scene.

Tree with interesting roots.

Amazing tree with Spanish moss.

Pretty views over the lake.

Duck crossing!!!

Bench with view of a cluster of palms.

Spanish moss delights.

Looking up at the Spanish moss.

Peaceful bank on the lake.

Tilting sidewalk on a high bank over the lake.

Norfolk pine and bright green plants.

Bench over the lake.

Wonderful shady sidewalk.

Birds on the shore of the lake.

Historic house.

Shimmering lake in the distance, past a beautiful lawn.

Views of downtown Orlando, from the shore of the lake.


903 Mills Market Cafe is located at 903 S. Mills Ave. There is a parking lot in the back.
To access Lake Davis Park you have to find parking along any downtown street that allows it. IAn address you can plug in to your GPS is 610 E. Gore Street.


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