Lake Eola Park, Downtown Orlando

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Orlando, FL
Lake Eola Park, Downtown Orlando
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Strolling along the path that circles Lake Eola Park, one is reminded of those scenes in romantic comedies when music takes over and the couple strolls along happily having just fallen in love. There is sunshine and idyllic surroundings. That is Lake Eola Park! Here, glorious trees- huge oaks hung with Spanish moss, cypress trees with roots dipped into the water, and weeping willows- line the shore of the lake (which is actually a sinkhole). Swans make huge nests of pine needles and sit in the middle. Black swans, white swans, ibis birds, herons, anhingas- more than you'd see in the Everglades- pop their heads into the water looking for a meal. It's fun to watch the swans waddle along or glide effortlessly through the water. Sometimes their wings are open, making them look just like the swan boats that also move through the water, kick-paddled by tourists.

A grassy peninsula juts out into the lake, where lunchtime sun-worshippers lay out on the green. There are plenty of interesting sculptures, and a Korean pavilion, adding to the beauty.
Sit and take in the scene for hours at one of three restaurants. World Of Beer has a fantastic location on the southeast shore, with rock music playing out on the sunny patio beside the lake. The food is typical greasy fare. Tre Bambine is set back in the trees on the south end with a higher vantage point over the lake. Relax Grill is on the west side of the lake near Rosalind Ave, and has shaded outdoor seating near the path. Persimmon Hollow Brewing Company is in a gorgeous spot on the northeast corner of the park near the huge pots of flowers, in a cute historic building- it has outdoor seating.
From the west end of Lake Eola you can walk west on Washington Street in downtown Orlando into the heart of the business and night club district on Orange Ave. You can also walk east five minutes from the east end of the lake on Washington St to the quaint Thornton Park neighborhood where you'll find restaurants, such as delicious Benjamin French Bakery.
On attractive E. Central Blvd, beside the park, there are sidewalk cafes such as Metro Espresso Pizza, Eden's (a counter service cafe with delicious salads), and there's Menchies Frozen Yogurt.
Across Rosalind Ave from Lake Eola Park is a Antiochian Orthodox Church called Church of St. George. It is open to the public during the day (like in Europe!) and you can pop into it, walk upstairs, and see the glorious pinks and blues of the church interior.
There is a large population of homeless people at Lake Eola Park.
Make sure you check out Dickson Azalea Park, a thirteen minute walk east of Benjamin French Bakery. It is recessed and magical, with huge old trees towering over it and azaleas blooming in February and March.

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Mommy and baby turtle.

Swans among the plants at Lake Eola Park!

Large pots of flowers at the park, across from Persimmon Hollow Brewing Co.

Anhinga bird!

Anhinga bird spreading his wings. Look at his fluffy head- cute!

Gorgeous barren cypress tree in Lake Eola.

Sculpture of birds flying in unison.

There are so many birds at Lake Eola Park!

Swan with black head and white body.

Black swan.

Station where you can rent swan boats.

Disney Amphitheater.

Blue-green fountain.

Two women enjoy a drink at World of Beer.

Great Blue Heron!

Beautiful Lake Eola!

Korean pagoda.

Laying in the grass, while birds hop on tree branches.

Soaking up some sun on the grass.

Laying out in the sun!

Huge amazing trees to picnic beneath.

The toddler area of the playground, with lake views.

Elegant sculpture amid palms.

The white and black stripes of an Anhinga bird!

Beautiful swan.

Swan and Korean pagoda.

Swan paddle boat!

A swan chase!

A swan nest in front of World of Beer.

A swan with open wings, looking just like the paddle boats!

Swan boat rentals!

Close-up of a swan.

Three ducks poised at the edge.

Turquoise and yellow seats at the swan boat rentals.

Wing-drying buddies!!

The attractive outdoor seating at World of Beer.

Orthodox Church across from Lake Eola Park.

Church of St. George, across from the park.

There are sidewalk cafes on E. Central Blvd, by the park.

Metro Espresso Pizza on E. Central Blvd by the park.

Eola Wine Company, on E. Central Blvd.

Amazing tree on E. Central Blvd, as seen from the park.

Bike rental station on E. Central Blvd.

Sculpture behind World of Beer, near E. Central Blvd.

A business man walks beside the lake as joggers go by.

Walking beside all the cute animals.

City life in the southeast: Spanish moss and skyscrapers!

Swan boat ride!

A pretty place to walk!

Relax Grill, and tropical vegetation.

Wooden viewing area over lake.

Yellow tree!

Happy ducks.

Swan with yellow beak.

Pretty swan.

Swan and skyline.

Ibis bird at water's edge.

Yellow flowering tree.

Sunny lawn for picnics.

Black swan.

Sculpture of a lady reclining.

Weeping willow.

Birds in a tree!!

Swans and sunny lawn in distance.

Adorable swans.

Giant sculpture.

Bike bouncy at the playground.

Flowers on the way to Thornton Park restaurants, from Lake Eola Park.

Sunday morning farmers market.

Fountains, with farmers market behind.

Farmers market tents and cypress trees catching the light.

The rainbow pavilion.

Fountain and gorgeous buildings beyond.

The rainbow pavilion and an island with two palms.

Bright, cheerful views.

Paddling a swan boat on a beautiful summer morning.

Cypress trees and greenest grass.

Fountain and wonderful glass buildings.

Pathways past gorgeous clusters of trees.

Korean pagoda.

Inside Benjamin Bakery.

Sculpture and blue bikes.

Flowers and silver sculpture.

Flower pots and sculpture shadow.

Lawn and palms.

Greenest lawn and Spanish moss.

Ducklings crossing the path at Lake Eola Park!

Palm fronds and glamorous buildings.

View from Robinson Street toward the park.

Swan bike rack.

Colorful African Redhead Agama lizard (also called Rainbow Lizard) on a rock.

Black swans and rainbow amphitheater...I love this place!


Lake Eola Park is located at 512 E. Washington St, Orlando FL 32801. You can park for two hours along Rosalind Ave by using quarters or your credit card in the machines.
Swan boat rentals are $15 for 30 minutes. Open 10am-10pm Wed-Sat, and 10am-7pm Sun-Tues.
World of Beer, 431 E. Central Blvd, Orlando FL 32801, call (407) 270-5541. Opens at 11am.
Spice Steakhouse, 407 E. Central Blvd, Orlando FL 32801, call (407) 481-9533.
Relax Grill, 211 Eola Pkwy, Orlando FL 32801, call (407) 425-8440.
Church of St. George, 24 N. Rosalind Ave, Orlando FL 32801.


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