Lake Lily Park, Maitland

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Orlando, FL
Lake Lily Park, Maitland
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After work, people come to walk around Lake Lily. It's a happy scene with ducks swimming by, ibises looking silly in the trees, squirrels leaping from branch to branch, turtles balancing on logs, couples kissing by the shore, and people relaxing on park benches and at picnic tables. There is a fenced medium-sized play structure for kids, and a gazebo on the water. Waterhouse Residence and Carpentry House Museum is in the yellow Victorian house on the lawn over the lake, and you can visit Thurs-Sun 12-4. Busy Orlando Ave doesn't really interfere with the peace here, as trees arch over you, the fountain shoots up from the middle of the lake, and you feel the sunshine and warm breeze.

Nearby, there's a lovely boba tea place called Bubble and Co Tea Bar. You can sit inside there in the pretty, modern decor for an hour! The owner is nice to talk to. Across the main road from it is Enzian Theater, an art movie theater that is a blast to visit for a night out. 
Just one minute by car, check out the Maitland Art Center with its inspiring outdoor chapel designed with Mayan and Christian elements, and its great indoor exhibits in a cute house and complex that used to be an artists colony.

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Picnic table by the water.

One turtle balancing on top of the other!

A squirrel leaps from branch to branch.

Two ladies walk and chat, past a yellow flowering tree.

Lovely gnarled branches jut out, providing shade.

The fountain in the middle of the lake.

The yellow Waterhouse Residence, on a lawn that slopes up from the shore.

The fenced playground, with a view of the lake.

Ibis birds in a tree!!

Funny birds in a tree.

People taking an evening stroll at Lake Lily Park.


Lake Lily Park is located at 701 Lake Lily Dr, Maitland FL 32751. There is a free parking lot on Lake Lily Dr.
Bubble and Co Tea Bar is located in an area with a big, convenient parking lot. The address is 136 Lake Ave, Maitland, FL 32751. It is in the big parking lot directly across Lake Ave from the imposing four-storey apartment building called The Village at Lake Lily Apartments. 


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