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Lake Louisa State Park, Clermont

Orlando, FL
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Lake Louisa State Park, Clermont, Orlando FL


This place is a bit of a dud to visit. It is mostly used as a place to bike ride along the roads. This can make it very hair-raising if you try to drive inside the park to the picnic area, since there are lots of turns in the road, and wobbly kids bike riding along the narrow auto roads. They should probably just make a big parking lot at the entrance and turn the roads into bike paths for everyone to enjoy in safety.
The vegetation here is dry and scrubby. It's not much to look at, but if you like wide open spaces and rolling hills then you can get your fill here. It can look pretty with the grasses bobbing in the breeze, the hills, and the blue sky. If you skip this park and continue just a few minutes north on Highway 27 and then Lake Louisa Road to Lakeshore Drive, the vegetation becomes absolutely gorgeous, so you are much better off with a drive around Lakeshore Drive. You can save the $5 entrance fee too.
When you enter the park, if you continue straight you will come to Hammond Lake, a small lake with a dock and some sweet lily pads. You can hear pig frogs that sound cute. There is a campground here but it does seem very boring. 
If you enter the park and then turn right, following the signs to "picnic area," you come to a very short boardwalk that leads to some sand on Lake Louisa. I would not call this a beach or a swimming area. The water looks disgusting. There is a small playground here but we only ate our snack and left immediately because there was nothing very inspiring. On weekends you could come here alone because there are plenty of people around.
Driving into the park to the campground or picnic area takes about ten minutes each way. 
Six minutes north of the entrance to Lake Louisa State Park is Crooked River Preserve, where you will find shady white sand walking trails and a dock with a pretty view of the cypress trees and curving Crooked River. It is worth having a short walk here, even though it's a bit mediocre, since there aren't many shady walking paths around Clermont.



Lake Louisa State Park is located at 7305 Highway 27, Clermont, FL 34714. There is a $5 entrance fee per car. There is a restroom at the boardwalk to the beach/picnic area.

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