Lakeview walk, Winter Park

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Lakeview walk, Winter Park
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On a short stretch of Lakeview Drive you can walk with unobstructed views of Lake Virginia. It's magical with the shimmering blue water and the tall trees that line the lake. Pretty mansions are on one side of you while the lake is on the other. Many of the lake shores in Winter Park are built with mansions but this stretch of lake is open for you to view! Continue your walk by taking the lovely path on the Rollins College campus that hugs the shore of the lake. This path takes you through a wonderland of trees hung with Spanish moss! There are also three sculptures of row boats that you can sit on! The path ends at Dinky Dock Park on campus. Afterwards have a meal and people watch on Park Ave, where you feel like you're in Europe!
Another wonderful walk along a lake and past mansions is at Kraft Azalea Garden and the neighborhood that surrounds it.

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Looking up at the Spanish moss from the lakeside walking path on Rollins College campus.

Lake, cute pine trees, and recessed grassy spot on Rollins College campus.

Wooden boardwalk by the lake at Rollins College.

Banana trees catch the sunlight by the lake.

Water lilies on the lake.

Morning sun peeks through the Spanish moss at Lake Virginia.

Gazebo with a lake view, at Rollins College.

Boat Benches, by Katy Tyszko, at Rollins College.

Anhinga bird on a fake duck on the lake!

House on a hill, on Lakeview Drive.

Italian-style mansion on Lakeview Drive.

Stairs leading up to a house with arches on Lakeview Drive.

Covered dock on Lakeview Drive.

Adirondack chairs greet the morning sun. See the sloped deck for Rollins College students out in the water.

Mansion and poinsettia on a December morning in Winter Park.

Mansion on Lake Virginia.


Starting at Dinky Dock Park on the Rollins Campus you can walk on a path that hugs the lake. At French Ave, you can then walk along the sidewalk on Lakeview Dr, looking across the road at the lake. If you need to park your car, park along Park Ave and then cross Fairbanks Ave to get onto the campus.


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