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Orlando, FL
Maitland Art Center
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To stroll the grounds of the Maitland Art Center is a treat. The outdoor chapel is a place of peace and inspiration. Here, tall trees and flowers combine with a mix Mayan and Christian architecture. The little quotes on the walls, floor, and benches give you something important to think about. What joy!

Inside the gallery, there are traveling exhibits. The one I saw of nature photos by Clyde Butcher was uplifting. The architecture inside the gallery alone is worth paying the entrance fee. The room with painted walls is lovely.
Stroll the gardens to the west of the gallery. Here, studios for guest artists are dotted among a tropical garden. The plants are just gorgeous and so is the turquoise and white architecture! What a delightful place!
J. Andre Smith, a talented architect who, in the 1930s, sought a warm winter escape, created this sanctuary as an artist's colony, with the support of actress Annie Russell and wealthy philanthropist Mary Louis Curtis Bok of Bok Tower Gardens. You can read about his interesting life in the foyer of the museum.
This center would be a blessed place for a wedding!
After your visit, walk down Packwood Ave to Lake Sybelia and enjoy a walk around the lake under the huge trees in this upmarket neighborhood. There is a small lake-view playground called Homer Hough Park where N. Lake Sybelia Drive dead ends to the west.
Only two minutes away is the Audobon Center for Birds of Prey where you can see tiny screech owls and impressive bald eagles. Its setting on Lake Sybelia is beautiful.

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The painted room where you can sit on wooden chairs and read art books.

The special exhibit room is beautiful.

Mayan engraving and palm.

The entrance to the outdoor chapel.

Unusual sculptures.

Christian and Mayan elements are intertwined.

Carved tiles and bench.

Spiritual sculpture and tiles.

I stood at the gate of life...

Unique stepping blocks.

Tall trees and ornate carvings.

Blessed doorway.

Window carved with flowers.

Pale and dark pink azaleas.

White and pink azalea.

Blue painted wall carving.

Sunflower doorways.

The carved floors feel just right in every shape and form.

Carved floor.

Flower decoration.

Bell-like flowers and Spanish moss.

Another delightful doorway.

Ironwork gate with flowers.

Looking toward the museum from the garden.

Looking toward the gate from the garden.

Mayan bell-tower.

Turquoise door, turquoise windows, white-washed stucco cottage.

Shaded gallery and sunflower gate.

Bench for reflection.

Open tiles looking out on the blue sky.

Shaded turquoise corridor.

Flower engravings and cottage in distance.

Water lily in the garden.

Bench in the garden.

Colorful mural under turquoise ceiling.

Cottage amidst the garden.

Curved walkway past cottages.

Mural in the garden.

Orange pickers mural.

Tall trees shade the spaces between cottages.

The tree matches the carving!

Spanish-style courtyard.

Shaded bench.

A colorful spot.

Turquoise ironwork fence.

Engraved fireplace in the museum.

Looking toward Lake Sybelia from the museum.

Wall with Mayan carvings.

Mayan face on a wall.

Mayan columns.

Modern sculpture and lush green gardens.

Bird carving.

I love the colors of the wall and the carvings, with the tropical trees behind.

Walking down to Lake Sybelia.

Sunlight hitting the Spanish moss.

Norfolk pines on Lake Sybelia.

Bench and chimes on the shore of Lake Sybelia.

Outdoor church service area on Lake Sybelia. How sweet!

Bench and blue lake.

The morning sun hitting the lawn over the lake.

Dock on the lake, and water skier.

The jungly vegetation beside the sidewalk.

Impressive tree.

Dock and cypress trees- bliss.

Water skiing on the lake.

Dock and blue lake.

Beautyberries. I love these so much!

Peaceful dock.

A mansion on Lake Sybelia Drive.

Dock and cypress trees- a peaceful morning on the lake.

Sunny lawn over the lake.

A side door of the art center, decorated with sunflowers.

The artist's job is to explore, to announce new visions, and to open new doors.

Enchanting hallway.

Huge windows looking out on the garden.

Plaques with Spanish tile borders.

Ponte Marie, Paris, by Jules Andre Smith, 1921.

A lovely gallery.

Spanish tile border.

Donkey Court, Segovia, by Jules Andre Smith.

Window looking out on a white-washed building.

Cute building with intricate fence.


Maitland Art Center is located at 231 Packwood Ave, Maitland FL 32751, call (407) 539-2181.
Gallery is open Tues-Sun 11-4, and admission is $3 for adults, and $2 for seniors and children aged 4-18.
To stroll the grounds and chapel is free.


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