Mall at Millenia

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Orlando, FL
Mall at Millenia
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Mall at Millenia is an impressive indoor mall oozing in wealth. Funnily, it's in an area that is not very wealthy. The mall, though, has incredible fountains, glass ceiling, fake flowers, and curved TV screens in a circle in its center. It's a visual feast, despite the annoying ambient noise that malls always have. Outside there are rows of palms, plus a long fountain. Many high end chain restaurants can be found here such as California Pizza Kitchen, Brio, and P.F. Chang's. 
The Swedish furniture store, Ikea, is located nearby, but I find it to be very annoying and dangerous how they trap you in their maze and you can't get to the exit.

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Row of palms in the parking lot.

California Pizza Kitchen.

Fountain outside.

Beautiful blue-green glass and palms.

Cute sign in the food court.

Fake trees inside.

Glass ceiling.

Fake flowerpots outside Starbucks.

Curved TV screens.

Awesome fountain and tall windows.

P.F. Chang's.


Mall at Millenia is located at 4200 Conroy Rd, Orlando FL 32839. There is plenty of uncovered parking.


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