Margaritaville Resort, Kissimmee

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Orlando, FL
Margaritaville Resort, Kissimmee
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There's lots to do at Margaritaville Resort. There's a pool with live music each afternoon 12-4, and grounds filled with palm trees. The lobby is grand, with a tropical vacation theme, and a restaurant called Euphoria with big windows and live music each night at 7-11pm. There is also a snack store with some chairs outside, and a gift shop. On the huge lawn by the pool couples can get married under a sweet archway. It's nice to walk the grounds and check out the tropical flowers and plants- do this early or late in the day because there's not much shade. This walk is short but you can extend it by walking around the super colorful cottages that are part of the hotel. They are so sweet! The shutters cutouts in different tropical shapes, such as parrots, palm trees, dolphins, pineapples, sailboats, starfish. The colors are bright Caribbean and so are the architectural details. Sometimes there's no sidewalk but most of the time you can find one. The playground at the cottages sits in the middle of the houses which makes it safe and lovely for kids. These cottages can be bought to live in, or to rent out as vacation rentals.
After, check out the shops and cafes, including a French cafe with good chocolate croissants called Cafe d'Avignon, at Sunset Walk Shops.

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Flowers and palms at the walkway that connects Margaritaville Resort with Sunset Walk Shops.

Palm trees and hotel rooms.

Inside the lobby there are wine glasses hanging upside down!

Behind the lobby are pretty pots and umbrellas.

Two curved palms welcome you to the pool area.

Wedding arch at the big lawn by the pool.

Cabanas by the pool.

Walkway near the pool.

Nice landscaping between the pool and the cottages.

Bikes where the cottages begin, just near the pool.

Pineapple cutouts on the shutters of a cottage.

Caribbean style architecture at the cottages.

Awesome architecture on all sides!

There are sidewalks most of the time in the cottage neighborhood. I wish they were around all the time.

Grass umbrella at the playground and amazing little cottages.

Papaya tree at the cottages.

The playground is in a sweet location in the middle of the houses, keeping kids safe.

Silvery palm and bright blue three-story cottage.

Silvery palms, blue sky, and mint green cottage.

Sailboat cutout on blue-green shutters.

A green house and palms.

All different colors! So lovely!

Palm tree cutouts in cottage shutters.

Blue cottage.

The walkway that leads between the resort and the shops.

Yellow house.

Pineapple cutouts on yellow shutters.

Red braces and shutters.

Oranges and greens, in varying shades.


Daisies and Caribbean houses behind.

Caribbean house behind grasses. Am I on a Caribbean island?

White sand and pebbles between the houses.

Starfish cutouts and wonderful colors!

Yellow braces and shutters with pineapple cutouts.

Walkway back to the resort.

Green house.

Purple flowers with green wall behind.

Dolphin cutouts on orange cream shutters.

I love this house!!

Fat palm and hotel rooms.

Mother, Mother Ocean, I have heard your call.

Impressive lobby windows.

Euphoria lounge which has big windows and live music every night 7-11pm.

Purple flowers along the walkway the connects the resort with the Sunset Walk Shops.

Drink umbrellas in a palm tree outside Bahama Buck's Shaved Ice.


Margaritaville Resort is located at 8000 Fins Up Cir, Kissimmee, FL 34747. You can ask to enter at the guard shack, or you can park at Sunset Walk shops and walk into the resort on the nice walkway.


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