Park of Indian Hills, Clermont

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Orlando, FL
Park of Indian Hills, Clermont
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Park of Indian Hills is a lovely spot on Lake Minnehaha. It's just a natural spot with grass, huge trees strung with Spanish moss galore, and a tiny patch of sand. There are no amenities. It's lovely to hear the water splash on the shore, or whush around the cypress trees. What a gorgeous spot! The breeze blows off the water, moving the Spanish moss like flags. 

This is a good spot to park your car if it's hot or raining, and just look at the water. But it's even better to get out and feel the amazing breeze.
Along this stretch of Lakeshore Drive are mansions and houses on one side and festive docks on the other. Drive along checking out the lovely views. 
After, check out nearby Paradise Park (a slight detour), where kids can enjoy the treehouse-style playground. Or, continue on to West Beach Park where there is a cute little play area and fishing pier on the lake. Slightly further north is Lake Hiawatha Preserve, a huge grassy area with shady walking paths, disc golf, two dog parks, and a tall playground with a working water tower. Also nearby is 8th Street Pier in downtown Clermont and Waterfront Park, two fantastic areas on the water. 8th Street Pier in downtown Clermont has benches overlooking the water, shaded by big trees, and some ice cream shops, coffee shops, and cafes nearby, such as Caribbean cafe, Lilly's on the Lake. Waterfront Park is like a beach with a pier and lots of water activities, including a splash pad. Further along, check out Tiki Bar Grill, on the lake.

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Sun shining on the grass.

Oak tree.

Shade-speckled grass, and Spanish moss above.

Beautiful tree with Spanish moss.

The shoreline.

Yellow flower.

Double-decker dock.

Duck by the dock.

The marshland.

Marshy shore.

Spanish moss.

Looking up at the trees.

Picnic tables.

A picnic table at shore's edge.


Park of Indian Hills is located at 1199 W Lakeshore Dr, Clermont, FL 34711. There is parking facing the park and the water.


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