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S. Lake Trail bike path, Clermont

Orlando, FL
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S. Lake Trail bike path, Clermont, Orlando FL


You can do a half-hour (or one hour roundtrip), six mile bike ride on the S. Lake Trail! Some of it is really lovely, going past Waterfront Park, a fun happening spot with a white sand beach, and 8th Street Pier, another great spot. At the far east end of the lake you can stop at Tiki Bar Grill for a beer on the lakefront. Or at 8th Street Pier you can stop for a lakefront drink at Lilly's On The Lake, or walk a few blocks south to the cafes of Downtown Clermont. As you head west you will pass gorgeous Lake Hiawatha Preserve, with its green, green grass and trees galore.
On the east end, you start at Minneola Trailhead Park, which has a cute gazebo. On the west end, you end at End of South Lake Apopka Trail. This is the nicest part of the trail, that is mostly around the lake, but you can take the S. Lake Trail another six miles, east, to Killarney Station, where it then becomes the West Orange Trail. The West Orange Trail goes another 22 miles east!
From Minneola Trailhead Park, if you want to continue to Winter Garden, a cute town, you can continue on to Killarney Station and connect with the West Orange Trail. It's 11.5 miles (one hour by bike) to the middle of Winter Garden downtown from Minneola Trailhead Park.



You can start your bike ride at Minneola Trailhead Park, biking west past the lake, ending at End of South Lake Apopka Trail. This ride is six miles and takes half an hour.

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