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SeaWorld, Orlando
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At SeaWorld, you can become mesmerized just looking at the aquariums, let alone enjoying the thrilling rollercoaster rides! The park is beautiful and large, with plenty of open space and landscaping. The highlight for me was seeing the animals: the seals, sea dragons, and manta rays. The only imagination ride is Antartica (and it had "technical difficulties" after a 50 minute wait in line on our most recent visit). The music all over the park is really pumped up- very high energy- which feels fun at first but can get very annoying after an hour or two.

The animal exhibits are top notch. At Pacific Point Preserve, the seals are surrounded by California-style rocks in a beautiful lagoon. They make the best noises! Visitors can buy fish to feed them, and it's fun to interact with them as they call out for food. The huge seal is wonderful, as are the tiny babies. It really inspires you to see animals up so close and in such a nice habitat. At the Stingray Lagoon, rays glide over your head. It's so great to see a whole swarm of them swim over you and enjoy their cute faces! This exhibit is gorgeous, and also features a tank with sea dragons that look like seaweed. They are amazing. At Dolphin Cove, the scenery is tropical, like the resorts on the Big Island of Hawaii! It's wonderful to stand at the top of the cove amongst the palm tree clusters and look down at the clear water and black rocks. You can feed the dolphins at certain times. This is a very nice enclosure, though the dolphins seem crowded as they experience near-collisions as they swim around at full speed. You can see these dolphins underwater across from the Turtle Trek entrance. It's amazing how close they are to you and they look like they have smiles on their faces! At Shark Encounter, sharks of all shapes and sizes swim above you in a curved clear tunnel and there are informative plaques about sharks. It's nice to see the manatees in the incredibly lush area that looks like a natural spring, and sometimes you see babies! You can see baby dolphins at the dolphin nursery. If you go there first thing in the morning (by cutting through the gift shop at the entrance) you can see how happy the baby dolphins are to see people! You can play peek-a-boo with them!
Some of the shows are exciting and some are sad. Dolphin Days, the dolphin show, feels sad because dolphins are sensitive to sound, and the speakers are turned extremely loud. The "humans" perform some acts at the end, including acrobatics and some amazing diving, which makes you kind of happy that it's not just the dolphins that have to perform! The costumes and backdrops are gorgeous. I do kind of wonder if this is very sad though to have the dolphins caught in this kind of life, unable to choose to go free. I would prefer to see this show with just the acrobats and without dolphins. One Ocean, the whale show, isn't nice because the music is very irritating, and you feel sad to see such large animals in captivity- it feels almost unreal that this could be allowed when you see how huge the animals are. If you visit SeaWorld, skip the One Ocean and Dolphin Days shows. Lower attendance at these shows will tell the theme park how people feel about killer whales and intelligent animals like dolphins in captivity. Luckily, SeaWorld has announced it is phasing out theatrical shows with killer whales, though why not stop them right away?
Clyde and Seamore's Sea Lion High, a comedy show with seals, wasn't very interesting as the humor was dull and the actors didn't perform any amazing sword-fighting or anything. The seal and walrus did little spins at the end, and that was the only thrilling part. Pets Ahoy is a show with dogs, cars, and a pig. Come to the shows early because they don't let you in once the show begins.
Antartica is a magical imaginative ride. If your child loves imagination rides, a la Disney, they will love this one! When you ride, you can choose the mild or the wild car, so choose the mild car if you have neck or back problems. Here, you learn about Puck, a baby penguin and travel around Antartica with him. There are beautiful colored lights on the fake snow and ice, and Northern Lights while you wait in line. Beware, it's super cold in the line, and also crowded because everyone is just jammed in to a small space without any dividers- claustrophobic. You can see penguins in exhibits in the other section of the building.
AVOID Wild Arctic unless you like extreme jerky motions- this hurt my whole body. You can choose to walk through it rather than go in the simulator, to spare your body. This ride also makes you dizzy. It is HORRIBLE! There are exhibits at the end, with belugas and walruses. These made me sad because these animals will never feel the sun, ocean current, or a breeze, nor can they swim for miles like they do in the sea. The enclosure for the walrus is way too small and I felt so sad watching him do backflips in a tiny space over and over. 
Two rollercoasters, Mako and Manta, are the best of all the theme parks' coasters (must be 54" to ride): Manta is a real thrill, taking you so close to objects that it feels like you're going to hit them (it was experiencing "technical difficulties" on our most recent visit), and Mako is an absolutely incredible rollercoaster. Once is really enough on this ride- it feels like you'll fall out of the tiny bar holding you in! These two rides are wonderfully smooth. Kraken, also large and winding, is a jerky ride with extremely high heights. It is kind of too much for some people, with seven jerky turns in a row. Go on these early in the day in spring and summer, before the afternoon thunderstorms close them down.
Journey to Atlantis (must be 42" to ride) is a themed ride through a scary underwater world with a vertical drop and huge splash (you will get wet, though less so if you sit in the back row) at the end. My six-year-old could not get enough of this ride! Unfortunately, they have removed the story from this ride, making it not so imaginative anymore. I guess the animatronics broke and they didn't repair them. Go into the gift shop at the end and check out the aquarium under the clear floor! It's magical!
Turtletrek is a pleasant 3-D dome movie, where you see from the eyes of a newborn turtle- very cute! You stand up for this one, which is a bummer since you're probably looking forward to getting off your feet for a minute. Beforehand, while waiting in line, you can see lovely tropical tanks with fish and turtles. And you can see manatees underwater- they look so graceful from this angle! 
Infinity Falls is the most popular ride in the park and only opens at 10am- the line is very long. You sit in a circular vehicle and go down a super high drop. You get very wet. 
There is a kid's section called Sesame Street with a Grover-themed car ride, Big Bird spinners, Elmo's train, Abby's flowers that go high up, and a Cookie Monster drop ride. And there are several other small rides such as an ocean-themed carousel, an awesome water play area, and interactive play areas, plus a parade. This area is so cute! Don't miss it, even as an adult. You can knock on Oscar the Grouch's trash can and hear him rebuke you. You can press buttons to choose ingredients to cook a meal, and hear the monsters munch it. Very fun place!
The food at SeaWorld isn't delicious, but bearable. Mango Joe's has burgers and salads. Lakeside Panini has fast sandwiches and salads. Expedition Cafe has Asian and Italian noodles, plus kid's pasta.
Wear your sneakers FOR SURE- there is a ton of walking required. Bring or rent a stroller there, for little kids. If you can, come on a weekday and not in summer, so you don't have to wait in line as much. November is a GREAT time to come- lines are short and there are dazzling Christmas decorations and flowers everywhere. If you must come in summer, come at night when it's cooler out! Also, check the weather because when it rains at SeaWorld it's very miserable. There are huge puddles everywhere and your shoes get soaked through, and the only way out is a slippery bridge over the lake.
Plan to walk very far to get out of the park. For some reason, exiting the park is a long, circuitous path that goes on forever. If you're at Sesame Street or Shamu Stadium you still have a very long way to go to get out.
SeaWorld has some incredible seasonal events, like Electric Ocean during the summer, with huge lit-up jellyfish hanging from the trees, and an incredible fireworks and water show at the lake at the end of the day. It is pure joy and one of the nicest things I've ever seen! At Christmastime, at the end of the day, there is an ice skating show with gorgeous fountains, lit-up trees, and fireworks behind it. Some of the songs are so cute like the elf one with skaters holding big square presents. I didn't like the songs when the male ice skater spins the lady's head at full force inches from the ice, so much so that her bangs touch the ice- way too hazardous. O Wondrous Night is an extremely high energy show inside Nautilus theater, with choirs dancing, animal puppets, and live barn animals and camels. 
If SeaWorld Orlando were to take the money they spend on whale and dolphin food and veterinary care and instead spend it on these things, it would be an incredible world-class park: open their Antartica ride when the park opens rather than at noon, have one or two more imagination rides for school-aged kids, and maintain their rides so that none have broken animatronics or technical difficulties, and have some shows with humans performing instead of animals.
Saturdays are very crowded at SeaWorld so go on a different day if you can.

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Lighthouse and seals at entrance.

Antartica icebergs.

Icicles in Antartica.

Looking up at the sky in the Antartica area.

Colorful lights on ice are magical in the Antartica ride.

The splash at the end of the Journey to Atlantis ride.

People walking into Antartica land.

Baby alligators.

Two manatees.

A manatee floats along in its pool.

Turtle swimming by.

A couple watches the dolphins from below the water.

Manatee from below the water- you see it as you wait in line at Turtle Trek.

Turtle zooming by- as you wait in line at Turtle Trek.

Gorgeous fish and coral in tanks at the queue for Turtle Trek..

Visitors enjoy the tropical tank before they enter Turtle Trek.

The Manta ride is a ton of fun!

Zooming down on the Manta ride.

The Key West area has pastel-colored architecture.

Touching rays in the Key West area.

Tropical lagoon at Dolphin Cove- reminded me of the Big Island of Hawaii!

Egret walking on an umbrella.

It's wonderful to stand in the shade above Dolphin Cove and take in the scene.

The mesmerizing colors of Dolphin Cove- are you sure I'm not in Hawaii?

I love the look of Dolphin Cove!

Dolphins playing in the waves at Dolphin Cove.

Shaded walkway.

It looks like the California Coast at Pacific Point Preserve.

A seal swims gracefully by.

A crowd checks out the seals.

You can feed the seals.

Seals swimming along on their backs.

Seals and egrets at Pacific Point Preserve.

Walking around at Antartica land.

The tall icy cliffs at Antartica.

Antartica wall.

Flamingo paddle-boats.

Walrus in Clyde and Seamore's Sea Lion High show.

Patch of caladiums.

The amazingly cute sting ray faces!

A seal says hello.

Christmas at Seaworld.

Penguins in the Antartica indoor area.

You can watch penguins underwater in the Antartica indoor area.

Seahorse topiary.

Aquarium under the floor in the gift shop near Journey to Atlantis.

The amazing jellyfish hanging from trees, during Electric Ocean, a summertime event.

Playing in the morning at the baby dolphin nursery.

The dolphins love to see people in the morning when the park opens!

Baby dolphins love this young man who visits often.

Greeting the baby dolphins in the morning.

Flamingo near the entrance.

Turtle topiary.

Baby alligators!

Purple flowers and palms.

Golden Trevalli in the aquarium where Journey to Atlantis comes out.

Cookie Monster! Sesame Street Land is amazing!

Push the right door combination to hear the characters speak.

Corner in Sesame Street.

Bright colors in Sesame Street.

Push on Grover's trash can to hear his rebuke!

Push on the foods you'd like to add to your imaginary pizza and hear Cookie Monster eat it!

Infinity Falls rapids!

I love the look of Infinity Falls!

Water rushing by and tropical plants.

Boys play the imaginary pizza game at Sesame Street.

Extreme Pete laser show during Electric Ocean (summertime show at night).

Moonlight and tower at SeaWorld.

Rowboats in the moonlight.

SeaWorld is beautiful on a warm summer night.

Bayside Stadium in the distance.

Tree lit up at night.

Fountains on the lake at night.

Black light decorations.

Jellies above, hanging from the trees.

Jellies hanging above you.

Jellies, changing colors.

Jellies, moving in the breeze.

People walking below the jellies, during Electric Ocean, a summertime event each night.

Revelers during Electric Ocean.

Huge dance party every night during Electric Ocean.

Fireworks like you've never seen.

Fireworks combined with fountains and lasers.

Amazing fireballs and fountains.

Fireworks shooting up and sparkling.

Slimey Slider, an Oscar the Grouch ride!

Manatees curving their mermaid tails.

Tropical fish in the Turtle Trek area.

A cute cute manatee!!

I love the landscaping at SeaWorld!

Such beautifully-colored eyes, the flamingo.

Sesame Street parade!

A lady on stilts!

Stilt-walking lady, at Halloween time.

A child checks out a sea creature lady.

Sea creature dance party, around Halloween- it's the best!

Sea creature dance party you can join around Halloween.

Meet witches in October for Halloween.

Pumpkin to walk through at Halloween.

Dolphins doing tricks during a training show on SeaWorld Inside Look weekend.

Dolphin being trained, during SeaWorld Inside Look weekend.

SeaWorld has bee hives and they use the honey on wounds if their sea creatures are hurt.

Ice Breaker!

Chimes in the play area.

Wild water at Infinity Falls.

Watching the water rush by, at Infinity Falls.

Playground with hills, under a shade canopy.

The ride vehicle for Icebreaker roller coaster, before it opened!

Nighttime is always lovely at SeaWorld!

Nighttime at the Antartica area.

Romantic nighttime views at SeaWorld.

The lighthouse and a pink tree, near the entrance in January.

I love the tropical look at SeaWorld!!

Colorful architecture and canary palms.

It's fun to watch the dancers.

Mini-train in Sesame Street land.

Ernie at Christmastime!

Purple and gold trees at Christmastime.

Walking past the purple and gold trees.

Christmas tree at SeaWorld.

Palm tree and Christmas tree in the distance.

I love this purple tree with stars!

Purple tree with stars, at Christmastime.

Giant snowman and red lit-up trees in November.

Bayside Stadium during Electric Ocean summertime show.

Duck with blue bill. What a beauty!

Groove Chefs play kitchen items as drums.

Giant Elmo at Christmastime.

Green tree.

Multi-colored lights.

A camel comes on stage, in O Wondrous Night.

Choir in the O Wondrous Night show.

Singers, in the O Wondrous Night show.

Waterfall of mist on the stage at the beginning of O Wondrous Night show.

Ice skating and fireworks.

Skating show.

Trees on the lake.

Trees on the lake, plus the ice skating rink.

Sea of Trees.

Lit-up trees.

Ice skating show at the end of day at Christmastime.

The Beluga exhibit is pretty.

Beautiful pilot whale came to look at us when we jumped up and down.


SeaWorld is located at 7007 SeaWorld Dr, Orlando FL 32821, call (888) 800-5447. Park is open 9am-10pm daily during summer and peak times, 10-6 at other times. Cost is $85, when tickets are purchased in advance online.


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