Wild Florida Drive Thru Safari

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Orlando, FL
Wild Florida Drive Thru Safari
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It is a pure delight to drive around Wild Florida Drive Thru Safari! It is so fun that you just wish everyone you love could be there! Go around two or more times because each time is different and sometimes animals come right up to your car and stare in at you (or at their reflection in the glass)! In the morning when it turns 80 degrees but hasn't gotten hotter yet, all the animals become more active and start walking around, making noises, and checking out your car! Don't miss this!

One trip around the safari grounds takes an hour or less, depending on how much you stop. You never really get stuck behind other cars since you can go around them if you'd like. There are several cute areas. A lake with an island for ring-tailed lemurs is one of the first sights. Huge oak trees with little deer under them look lovely. There are shady hay stations where animals come to have a bite to eat. Cows, camels, and all manner of animals hang out here.
There is a cypress swamp where elk hide between the tree trunks. 
Little ponds attract snowy egrets and other big birds. Deer of all variety walk by, including sweet little spotted ones that focus straight ahead at you. You will see white-tailed deer, mouflon sheep, water buffalo, bison, wildebeest, watusi, and oryx. Zebu have huge humps with a reserve of fat, like camels. Brahman cattle have thick skin to resist insects. 
Babies are all over- spotted deer and cow calves. Our favorite animals were the llamas and the camels. They look so amazing when chewing side to side! Also incredible were the emus and ostriches that came right up to our car window!! They look so silly, super focused and intent on something or other. There are longhorn cows with enormous horns. Behind fences you can see zebras and giraffes, and the people who have paid to feed the giraffes atop a wooden tower. Also behind fences in lakes are nuisance alligators who have been transported from neighborhoods.
After driving around two or more times, walk around past the gift shop and pretty picnic areas under tropical shade where peacocks walk around. There are some cute alligator sculptures and a wooden rocking alligator for little kids to enjoy.
There is also a gator park/zoo that you can walk around which is part of your ticket admission so check it out. It has a petting zoo, 200 gators, panthers, porcupines, snakes, sloths, exotic birds, and a cypress swamp with owls. There are three shows (crusher, exotic animal, and gator feeding). 
For extra cost, take an airboat ride, feed a giraffe, or eat at the grill.

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Animal blocking the entrance!

Tropical plants at the entrance.

Pig laying at the entrance.

Jeep leaving, while a pig sleeps at the entrance!

Antelopes cruising by the road.

Emus interacting.

Three palm cluster by the road.

Eating the grass.

Animal by the pond.

Cruising by a shady stall.

Emus and antelope in the green grass.

Sweet little animals in the grass by a huge oak tree.

Egrets at the pond.

A car drives by and checks out the antelopes.

Animal in the forest.

Deer looking toward our car.

This little animal is so cute!!

Camel making faces.

Watusi cattle have very large horns.

Sheep by the road.

Emu checking out a car.

Zebra behind the fence.

Camel making funny motions with its mouth.

Llama- these guys are hilarious!

Forest area.

Elk in the forest.

Cruising along in the grass.

Looking alert.

Eating from a bowl.

Watusi cattle kicking back.

Animals in the field.

Zebras having a snack.

Giraffe looking quizzical.

Giraffe by the tall hut.

Pig having a nap, and emus in the distance.

Animals looking alert at the lake.

Oryx relaxing by the lake.

Baby cattle.

Little deer looking delicate.


Camel having a munch.

These guys always look cumbersome.

Grumpy one...

Gazelle with wavy horns.

Mama and baby.

Boy looking out the top of a truck, while emu cruises by.

Emu checking us out!

Feeding the giraffe.

Picnic tables in a coconut grove, at the zoo area.

Alligator rocker, at the zoo area.

Hut with alligator decoration at the zoo area.

Peacock with its shiny feathers.

Alligator sculpture at the zoo area.

Dock at Cypress Lake.

Airboats on Cypress Lake.


Wild Florida Drive Thru Safari is located just south of Kissimmee, at 3301 Lake Cypress Rd, Kenansville, FL 34739. You drive straight into the attraction, stopping at a booth to show your online tickets or buy your tickets.
There is plenty of free parking to use the restroom, walk around the gator park/zoo, visit the gift shop, walk around the shady picnic area, and check out the nearby lake boat ramp.
Admission is around $30 for adults, $20 for children aged 12 and under ($20 for adults and $15 for children, for FL residents) for the drive-thru safari, which includes entrance to the gator park/zoo.
Airboat rides ($30) and giraffe feeding ($5) cost extra.
Open Monday-Saturday 9-5.


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