Wilderness Lodge and Contemporary Resort

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Orlando, FL
Wilderness Lodge and Contemporary Resort
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Disney's Wilderness Lodge is designed to make you feel like you're on a vacation in one of America's national parks! The logo even looks like a national park logo, and the entrance is a ranger shack. Pine trees and flowers greet you as you walk toward the lobby. Large logs grace the entrance. Inside, the lobby ceiling is SO high! And huge totem poles have a dramatic effect. There is a fireplace with rocking chairs, and an indoor stream with a wooden bridge over it. A hallway is lined with lanterns decorated with owls. A large map hangs from the wall. 

Outside, pathways make this a nice place to wander around. There is a path past a geyser that shoots up every so often, along the lakefront (a huge lake!), and past Geyser Point Bar and Grill. It must be lovely to sit outside in the shade at this restaurant on the breezy lakefront- just what you need on a hot Florida day!
Explore the walking paths in front of the cabins, which are dotted with flowers of all kinds, and the wooden boardwalk over a swamp! It is decorated with lanterns. 
After, take the free thirty-minute boat ride to Contemporary Resort, where you can get a great view of the Magic Kingdom fireworks.

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Entrance to Wilderness Lodge.

Wilderness Lodge is grand.

Pine trees like a national forest!

Pine trees and boulders.

Flowers near the lobby.

The lobby entrance with big logs.

Looking up in the lobby. Very grand! Totem poles.

Fireplace in the lobby, and rocking chairs.

Huge totem pole and animal chandelier.

River in the lobby, and bridge.

Lamps with owls.

Stream in the back.

Lanterns in the hallway.

Stairs and rock arch.


The lodge and its stone pillars.

The lodge and pathway.

Lovely boardwalk over swamp at Wilderness Lodge.

Splash pad and slides at Wilderness Lodge.

Huge bucket at the splash pad at Wilderness Lodge.

Rocks where a geyser spurts out, and lake.

Stream, boulders, and trees with Spanish moss, at Wilderness Lodge.

The lake.

Pretty plants outside Geyser Point Bar and Grill.

Sitting outside with views of the lake, at Geyser Point Bar and Grill.

It looks nice to sit outside Geyser Point Bar and Grill.

Salmon-colored azalea near the cabins.

Azalea and wooden boardwalk.

Animal footprints in the path.

Cabin at Wilderness Lodge.

Azalea and pathway.

Azalea and ferns outside the cabins.

Purple and white flowers.

Round purple flowers in the forest.

Chandelier in the lobby.

Animal head carving.

Rocking chairs for papa bear, mama bear, sister bear, and brother bear!

Display for the gift shop.

Double trailer headdress, similar to one worn by Chief Red Cloud, outside Whispering Canyon Cafe.

Interior of Whispering Canyon Cafe.

Looking down at the lobby.

Chandeliers and attractive geometric floor in the lobby.

Animal carving on a huge wooden pole in the lobby.

Totem pole in the lobby.

Wildflowers outside.

The logo is like the national parks logo!


Wilderness Lodge is located at 901 Timberline Dr, Orlando, FL 32830. The watercraft dock is in the back of the hotel on the lake. From there you can take the thirty minute boat ride to Contemporary Resort.


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