Abacoa Greenway, Jupiter

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Palm Beach, FL
Abacoa Greenway, Jupiter
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Inside Abacoa, an upscale master-planned community in Jupiter, there are nature greenways reserved to protect endangered gopher tortoises. These have shady walking trails amid beautiful areas of sunlit forest. Light filters through typical Florida pines with their cute twirly branches. On the forest floor are blue and green palmettos that catch the light. Gopher tortoises peek out of large holes in the ground and move their mouths at primordial speeds. The forest is fenced in and you can enter through gates in the low wire fences and walk along dirt paths under the trees (one of these areas is at Frederick Small and Mallory Blvd). You pass large ponds, some with fountains, all with lovely cooling breezes soaring over their surfaces (one is at Promenade Way and Newcastle Drive). If you don't wish to walk directly in nature, you can walk on the sidewalks beside the nature areas, still enjoying the trees and shade. Be careful and don't allow children near the water as alligators are sometimes spotted in the wetland areas.

When you tire of the forest you can duck into one of the neighborhood areas to walk. Although the cookie-cutter style of them can be boring, they are built in happy Caribbean colors with decorative balconies and pretty window shutters. Most of the neighborhoods have two and three-storey townhouses and plenty of royal palms (my favorite). One of the nicest is Mallory Creek, at Jeaga Dr and Duval St, where there is a regal palm-lined pond and white stone bridge. 
If your kids need to climb, check out the Cambridge Playground, on Promenade Way and Waterford Drive. Here, tons of kids scooter around in the late afternoon during the cooler months and all the moms gather to chat.
After your walk, head over to Starbucks at the Sea Plum Town Center, where you can sit outside with a lovely view of the Caribbean architecture, royal palms, and dark green forest of black ironwood trees beyond. After your coffee and treats, walk with your kids to the clock tower (on Seagrape Dr and W. Royal Palm Cir) in the Botanica housing development. Kids adore playing here, and adults can enjoy the incredibly lush landscaping. There is a paved trail in the forest under the power lines, with little connector paths from the streets such as at the elbow of W. Bay Cedar Circle. 
Or have lunch at one of the breweries or sidewalk cafes at Abacoa Town Center. Copacabana has beautiful outdoor seating.
A wonderful thesis by Carmen Blubaugh concludes that the Greenway exposes "residents to aspects of nature that can get lost in an urban landscape" and harnesses "respect and appreciation for natural systems." So true! I love the Abacoa Greenway and I'm so glad to be able to stroll along beside it, appreciating nature.

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Bench by the pine forest, in the Cambridge neighborhood.

The white sandy floor of the forest near The Sophia apartments.

A cute gopher tortoise.

Pine needles on the floor, and criss cross patterns of shade.

Looking across the water at a gazebo, in the forest at Abacoa.

Gorgeous slash pine forest after rain, on Dakota Rd near Lighthouse Elementary School.

Beautiful green crownshaft of a royal palm, at Mallory Creek development.

Forest after a heavy rain.

Sit outside at Starbucks with a view of royal palms!

The Sea Plum Town Center that is nice to visit after your walk.

The Starbucks at Sea Plum Town Center has outdoor seating surrounded by bright tropical foliage.

I love the palms, bright architecture, and blue sky, as seen from Starbucks at Sea Plum Town Center.

The forest in the Abacoa Greenway.

Gorgeous braided trunk of a tree.

Cluster of plants in the forest.

Need some pine cones?

Looking up at the sky from the Abacoa Greenway.

Gate to nature...

Flowers by the water.

Cool tropical tree.

Lovely gazebo in the forest by Merrimack Way (Cambridge neighborhood).

Come and write your journal in the gazebo, listening to the rustle of the trees.

Plumeria in an Abacoa neighborhood garden.

I can never get enough of this view, from the Starbucks outdoor seating at Sea Plum Town Center.

Arched windows on orange townhouses in the Botanica development.

The clock tower in the Botanica development is always a hit with kids.

The Botanica development has lush, exquisite landscaping.

Greenway near Cambridge neighborhood.

The beautiful forest in Cambridge neighborhood.

Benches around a tree on Newcastle Drive.

Looking into the forest from the sidewalk on Newcastle Drive.

Beautyberry bush in the forest, as seen from Newcastle Drive.

Bright gorgeous views of the forest from Newcastle Drive in the Cambridge neighborhood.

The forest in all its fine greenery.

Firey plants at The Sophia apartments.

The winding path in The Sophia apartments, between the buildings and the lake.

Osceola Woods townhouses are colorful and cute.

The sidewalk alongside the forest and water, in Osceola Woods townhouse development.

Cute round decoration on an Osceola Woods townhouse.

The lake beside Osceola Woods townhouses.

Varied trees and plants at Osceola Woods townhouses.

The sidewalk at The Sophia apartments.

Pretty trees at The Sophia apartments.

Lawn and clocktower on Royal Palm Circle, at Botanica development.

Pool clocktower on Royal Palm Circle in Botanica development.

Caribbean-style tower, as seen from Starbucks at Sea Plum Town Center, with black ironwood trees behind.

Gazebo at the end of Black Ironwood Dr.

Cute architecture at Botanica development.

Clocktower at Botanica development.

Rows of royal palms always look amazing, at Botanica development.

Green lawn and back ironwood trees at Botanica development.


Exit Highway 95 at Donald Ross Rd and head toward the ocean. Turn left on Central Blvd and you are in the Abacoa community. Turn left on Jeaga Dr to get to the palm-lined pond. You can park in that neighborhood and walk to the greenway on Frederick Small Rd. Or from Central Blvd, turn right on Promenade Way and you can park in that neighborhood and walk on a bridge over a lake (see gopher tortoises by the bridge), and walk to Andover Drive where there is a greenway entrance.
Starbucks, Sea Plum Town Center, 2525 Military Trail, Jupiter FL 33458, call (561) 746-4831.


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Wed, 21 Jun 2023

you have gopher tortoises getting under fence and going in the road
north of Donald Ross rd, between Military Trail & A1A

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Wed, 10 Aug 2022

An actual map of the trails would be great!

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Wed, 10 Aug 2022

I will work on it. Thanks!

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Sat, 30 Jun 2012

I love my home town- baseball games at Abacoa!

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