Bradley Park, Palm Beach

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Palm Beach, FL
Bradley Park, Palm Beach
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Bradley Park (formerly called Sunset Park) is quite hidden on Royal Poinciana Way. As you drive over the bridge and then along Royal Poinciana Way to get to the park, check out the golden eagle sculpture on your left.

Bradley Park is in an ideal location. On the south it borders Royal Poinciana Way, a busy road, lined with tall royal palms. A winding walkway is found here. To the east it is bordered by the elegant, yellow Via Flagler Shops- you can get an ice cream at Sprinkles Ice Cream and eat it at the park. To the west it is bordered by the North Lake Trail, an amazing three mile walkway that runs between mansions and the sparkling intracoastal waterway. In Bradley Park, there are banyan trees, a pink flowering tree called a redbud tree (blooms in March), and benches, with views of the Biltmore's yellow towers to the north. Behind the restroom is a plaza with a fountain and sculpture, Asian decorations, and plaques detailing the history of the area. It is all very quaint!
Walk to the water and you will find a gazebo with fantastic views, especially at sunset. Also by the water is a wonderful recessed area with stepping stones, flowers, and little grass mounds to kick back on. Families like to play here and relax.
You can walk under the Flagler Memorial Bridge. The architecture looks impressive from below, the shape reminding me of the Sydney Opera House. Continue under the bridge and you'll find the Royal Poinciana Plaza, not to be confused with the Via Flagler Shops on the north side of Royal Poinciana Way. This shopping plaza is more sterile, and for the extremely wealthy. There are magenta-colored flowering trees, gray buildings, a playhouse with sculptures atop, and plenty of ritzy cars. A courtyard in the center has a bullet-shaped statue and a huge fountain and you can eat in the cafe called Sant Ambroeus, beside the fountain.  Celis Produce is definitely worth a stop, for juicers, smoothies, and sandwiches, which you can enjoy in the pleasant seating of the plaza. 
Cross back under the bridge and walk north on the North Lake Trail, for beautiful views of the intracoastal, yachts, and mansions, and lots of green landscaping and bougainvillea vines. There is some shade usually.
Walk east along Sunset Ave to Sunset Ave Beach, one of my favorite beaches in the area. 
It's also just a thirteen minute walk from here to The Breakers Hotel.
Also check out mansions, flowers, and lovely trees along the side streets from Seminole Ave north to Wells Rd in this north part of Palm Beach island. Another blissful walk is the Banyan Tree walk, which starts at Wells Rd and N. County Rd.
Bradley Park used to be called Sunset Park and it would get confused with Sunset Park in West Palm Beach on Lake Mangonia, a park more inland and not on the island.

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View from the bridge as you drive to the island.

View from the bridge to the island.

The green bridge tower.

Such a cute green tower!

Bench in Bradley Park.

Arched hedge in Bradley Park.

Looking down a row of arched hedges.

Arched hedge and tree.

Cute pavers, fountain, and Spanish tiled pavilion.

The fountain statue.

Crocodile sculpture.

Winding path and palms along Royal Poinciana Way.

Spanish tile pavilion with Biltmore condo towers behind.

Tree at the intracoastal. This is where the North Lake Trail begins.

Spanish tile gazebo on the water.

Walking under the Flagler Memorial Bridge.

Under the Flagler Memorial Bridge. Something about it reminds me of the Opera House in Sydney.

Looking toward the city skyline from under the Flagler Memorial Bridge.

Greenest palm trees and gothic arches attached to the bridge.

Gothic lamp.

The Flagler Memorial Bridge, as seen from Royal Poinciana Plaza.

Reflecting pool at Royal Poinciana Plaza.

Bullet statue at Royal Poinciana Plaza.

Playhouse with sculptures on the roof at Royal Poinciana Plaza.

Fancy red car, dark pink flowering trees, and colorful store display.

Royal palms in a row, in the parking lot.

Magenta-colored tropical flowers.

Magenta flowers.

Sant Ambroeus, with its colorful umbrellas by the fountains.

Colorful umbrellas, canary palms, and fountains at Sant Ambroeus restaurant in Royal Poinciana Plaza.

Royal Poinciana Plaza's Sant Ambroeus restaurant.

Pedestrian path on Flagler Memorial Bridge.

Gothic lamp on Flagler Memorial Bridge.

Looking down at palms and water, from Flagler Memorial Bridge.

Palm tree, intracoastal waters, and city skyline, as seen from Flagler Memorial Bridge.

Bike rider on Flagler Memorial Bridge.

Two people riding scooters on Flagler Memorial Bridge.

Gothic decorations on Flagler Memorial Bridge.

I love looking down at the palm tree and clear, clear water from Flagler Memorial Bridge.

The two towers of the yellow Biltmore condos, as seen from Flagler Memorial Bridge.

The bell towers of the Breakers Hotel, and Royal Poinciana Plaza, as seen from Flagler Memorial Bridge.

Royal Poinciana Plaza and its cadmium yellow awnings.

Shady path beside the Flagler Memorial Bridge, as you head underneath it from Royal Poinciana Plaza.

The beginning of the North Lake Trail, at Bradley Park.

View of the intracoastal from the gazebo.

Cute view from the gazebo.

The gazeno is next to the Flagler Memorial Bridge.

Biltmore condo and palms.

You can see the back of the Biltmore condos from the North Lake Trail, which begins at Bradley Park.

The North Lake Trail, near Bradley Park.

The North Lake Trail, which begins at Bradley Park, is definitely worth a long stroll.

Redbud tree and arch.

Redbud tree, arch, and royal palms.

A sunny day at the park, enjoying the arched hedge and redbud tree.

Asian-style decorations in the plaza behind the restrooms.

Fountain and Asian-style restroom building.

Shady walkway with history plaques.

The recessed area with boulders and flower beds.

The little hills, boulders, and flowers in the recessed area.

Kids like the little hills at Bradley Park.

Flowers and boulders beautify the area of little hills that kids love to run on.

Little hills, sand, boulders, and flowers.

Bradley Park has a beautiful recessed area.

The gazebo on the water.

View from the gazebo.

Redbud tree on a sunny day.

Flowers in the park.

The hilly area with boulders.

Hills and boulders with views!

Canary palms and golden rocks.

Stepping stone rocks.


Bradley Park is located along Royal Poinciana Way as you come off the bridge, hidden by all the bustle. As you arrive on the island from the bridge, turn left on Bradley Place and then left on Sunset Ave. There are some free two-hour parking spots along Sunset Ave.


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