Carlin Beach and Playground, Jupiter

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Palm Beach, FL
Carlin Beach and Playground, Jupiter
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Carlin Beach is a wide, dark grey beach backed by high walls of dunes covered in sea oats. In the late afternoon you can sit on the sand far back from the water in shade made by the high dunes. Happy people from the nearby condos take long walks along the shore, checking out the many shells. The beach used to be narrow but is now very wide with dark (dirtier) sand because of dredging of the inlet.

Behind the dunes are many picnic pavilions with two picnic tables each, a BBQ, and a trash can each. It makes a good place for gatherings. There is also a petanque or boules (lawn bowls) area where men gather to play the French game where you roll metal balls along the ground. 
Slightly north along the beach from the parking lot (closer to Jupiter Beach Resort), the shoreline has rock formations that are fun for kids to explore. The rocks are smooth under your feet when you're swimming. The water is perfectly clear and magical! Little shells line the shore. On summer mornings you can come here and see turtle hatchling tracks in the sand! Come for an early morning swim and then have breakfast outdoors at Jupiter Beach Resort beside sea grape trees and the pool, with a slight ocean view. It's relaxing and memorable (though the service is very slow).
If there is a purple flag at the lifeguard stand, then there are likely man-of-war jellies in the water, so you can't swim. The jellies come when the winds are from the south or southeast. 
Across the main road, Highway A1A, is a playground and large picnic pavilion among super tall coconut trees. There is fine, white sand to play in, a huge space age climby, swings, and baby swings. A playground with steep slides, binoculars that look to the trees above, and a captain's steering wheel make for some fun imaginative games. It looks like there's no shade but there is actually plenty, in corners of the sand by trees, and under the playground's shade cover.
There is another playground near the beach, across from Loggerhead Cafe. It is fenced in and very popular on the weekend- you're sure to find playmates for your kids there. 
When there has been a tropical storm and flooding and the locks in the west are opened, then yucky water comes to Carlin Beach from Jupiter Inlet. These times are rare, but don't swim at these times (you will notice that the water is brownish and there is foam on the shore).
You can walk south along the shore on Carlin Beach all the way to Jupiter Reef Club and then walk back north along Ocean Drive, peeking at the ocean through the trees. This is a wonderful walk! It's 2km total.
Many people get married on Carlin Beach in front of Jupiter Civic Center. 
To the north of Carlin Beach is Jupiter Beach, a grubby-looking beach with a fisherman's jetty where the breeze is invigorating and the views of the swirling water in the inlet are fun to watch. From Jupiter Beach you can take a short walk to the nicest area of Jupiter, Dubois Lagoon. To the south is Juno Beach, which is pretty with its pier. 
After your visit, check out Harbourside, a lovely development on the water, with BurgerFi, a Greek restaurant, and a other restaurants and a colorful amphitheater. Very close by is Love Street, with Coffee and Cones, an ice cream shop, Square Grouper, a tiki bar with amazing views of the Jupiter Lighthouse, and Lucky Shuck and Top of the Beacon, both with great food, an upmarket vibe, and amazing views.
Or have a juice at Modern Juice, where you can get delicious juices or acai bowls. The interior is very inviting, with photos from around Jupiter, and a lovely color scheme. The employees are friendly and upbeat. It is four minutes drive, west from Carlin Beach. After, you can walk around Fresh Market enjoying the beautiful displays.
It's also always nice to have a coffee or gelato in Tequesta town.

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Students relaxing at Carlin Beach.

Sunny May day at Carlin Beach.

Watching the ocean from the wooden walkway that leads to the sand.

People strolling along the shore.

Narrow lake by the playground.

The playground across A1A from the beach.

Swings over sand, and plenty of palms.

Shady pavilion for group gatherings.

Lots of sand to play in, plus a tire bouncy.

Piles of nice soft sand on Carlin Beach.

Early morning bliss.

Beautiful summer morning outside the Jupiter Beach Resort.

Turtle hatchling tracks in the sand!

Smooth rocks by the shore.

Shells on the shore. Early morning magic!

The new playground next to the Loggerhead Cafe in the parking lot by the beach.

Breakfast by the ocean at Jupiter Beach Resort.

Lazy Loggerhead Cafe- no view of the sea but still a nice spot for breakfast.

Sunrise at Carlin Beach.

Fun sand banks to play on.

The sand banks that form at Carlin Beach are great fun!

Water rushing under rock formations at Carlin Beach.

Blue umbrellas at Jupiter Beach Resort.

How green and beautiful it is by the little gazebos on the dune above the beach.

I love the colors at Carlin Beach Park!

Standup paddler at sunrise.

Riding a wave at sunrise.

Creamy water with pink glow at sunrise.

Fishermen in the morning.

Flying by a pink cloud.

The expansive beach.

Boardwalk to paradise.

Lifeguard shack and buggy.

Shells and bird at the shore.

Foamy waves and a swimmer in a turquoise curl.

A shell!

Collection of shells in the sand.

Attractive picnic pavilion.

Men playing boules or petanque.


Carlin Park is located at 400 Highway A1A, Jupiter FL 33477.
Exit Highway 95 at Indiantown Rd and head toward the ocean. After the bridge, turn right on Ocean Blvd. Turn right into the parking lot for Carlin Park and park at the southern end near the beach crossing. Then you can go to the playground and afterwards, the beach. Parking is free.
If you want to go to the beach and not the playground, park in the large lot on the beach side of the road. There are rows of picnic huts above the parking lot, by the beach. If the beach lot is full, you can park in the huge parking lot across the street by the playground.
Jupiter Beach Resort (great for breakfast on patio with ocean breezes), 5 Hwy A1A, Jupiter FL 33477, call (866) 713-3780.


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