Congress Ave Community Playground, Boynton Bch

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Palm Beach, FL
Congress Ave Community Playground, Boynton Bch
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Congress Ave Community Playground is a treasure. Here you will find an amazing barrier-free space-age playground under a shade canopy, plus an accessible see-saw. Gorgeous landscaping provides shade and little hills, rocks and winding pathways. There are swings of all varieties: baby swings, chair swings, and a saucer swing. A toddler playground is colorful and has a twisty pole and rock-climbing wall. Here you will also find extremely wobbly stepping stones, and a tight-rope walker.

Best of all is the splash pad which is so lovely! The water doesn't seem to be chlorine water, and it sprays from above which makes it much more sanitary than the splash pads that kids squat over with their bottoms in the water. The splash pads from above are the only ones I go to these days. This splash pad has two alligators that shoot water and two tall flower poles that shoot water, and the water is randomized so you never know where it's going to come from next. To start the water you push the large metal button on the ground by the alligator. The ground is decorated with lily pads and flowers. What a delightful spot! There are benches for the parents and some have shade umbrellas!
Near the tennis courts is a workout station with a vast assortment of gear! A blast! I wish the workout area had more shade.
There are restrooms and drinking fountains.
For another nice adventure nearby, check out Green Cay Wetlands, for some great bird viewing and a one-mile boardwalk that leads around in a loop.

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Girls climb the sloped wall by the playground.

The landscaping is lovely.

Be a manatee, or play a rainstick.

Sway Fun see-saw.

The space-age playground.

Even the restroom building is pretty.

There are slopes and landscaping that give the park a sense of place.

There are nice spaces between the play equipment.

Toddler playground.

A girl walks by the tree and toddler playground.

Stepping stones.

Stepping stones and toddler playground.

Baby swings and lovely vegetation.

Disc swing- a ton of fun!

Cool spinning thing!

Splash area.

Alligator that shoots water!

Workout station.

Alligator by the splash pad.


Congress Avenue Community Playground is located at 3111 S. Congress Ave, Boynton Beach FL 33426. From Congress Ave, when you see the tennis courts, turn west on N. Charter Dr and then turn left into the driveway that leads to the playground. There is plenty of parking, some with shade.


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