Flagler Drive walk, West Palm Beach

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Palm Beach, FL
Flagler Drive walk, West Palm Beach
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You can walk, run or bike for five miles along the intracoastal on Flagler Drive! Start in the south at Summa Beach Park, a little white-sand cove on the waterway. This is a quiet area with homes and occasional condos. You pass docks all along the way. There is currently construction at Bingham Island Bridge (Jan 2021) that could get in your way, but hopefully that will be over soon.

North of Bingham Bridge, look across the water at the towers of Mar-a-Lago, Trump's mansion.
Just south of George S. Petty Park (halfway along the walk or 2.5 miles in) you go on Washington Rd for a minute, past houses that front the water. But almost the entire walk is directly on the water. 
North of George Petty Park, Flagler Drive becomes more busy with cars so there is quite a bit of noise. There are also plenty of happy people walking along. Here you will find fantastic views of Royal Park Bridge, as well as a public dock near, Valencia Rd, where you can swing your legs above the water. 
North of Royal Park Bridge, you are in the downtown waterfront area of West Palm Beach and there are some enticing cafes like E.R. Bradley's Saloon, with palm trees and water views. There are is a manatee viewing nature area called South Cove Natural area with a long jetty you can walk along, and a large public dock where you can look across at Whitehall, Flagler's mansion.
Once you reach Flagler Memorial Bridge, the five mile walk ends. You could continue along the water for another mile, with more wide-open water views, but this area has higher crime and some homeless people at the beautiful tiled shelters, so the waterfront paths here are not very popular.
There isn't much shade on this walk so do it in winter or in the early morning or early evening.
After your walk, have a coffee at Common Grounds, in the Casa Mara apartment complex. It is so nice in there! The seats are soft so you can stay a while. There are big windows with sunlight coming in. They have great tea in glass teapots, and chocolate croissants. And there are lots of young people from Palm Beach Atlantic University on the weekend. The music is also good. 
For another long and wonderful walk (four miles), on the other side of the intracoastal, on the island, check out the South Lake Trail and continue along the North Lake Trail after. Extend this walk by another half mile, on the south end, by walking along S. Ocean Blvd beside the wave wall, seeing the happy beachgoers and breathing the ocean air. Take the side streets off S. Ocean Blvd to see coconut trees galore (Brazilian Ave, Chilean Ave), and check out the incredible architecture of the little Spanish alleys on ritzy Worth Ave, another side street that is a shopping area. At the end of each of these side streets is S. Lake Dr, where you will see Banyan trees like in Hawaii.
Norton Museum of Art, is just a block west of Flagler Dr. You can walk along Diana Lane, which is a big lawn, to the back of the museum. Ann Norton Sculpture Garden is on Flagler Drive and are also a nice place to visit.

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Cute trees at the south end of the walk, by Summa Beach Park.

Views of Summa Beach Park from the path.

A snowy egret at the intracoastal shore, seen at Summa Beach Park, at the southern end of the walk.

Trees and bamboo along the path at the southern end of the walk.

The sidewalk near Summa Beach Park, at the southern end of the walk.

Flower median in the sidewalk, at the southern end of the walk.

Long shadeless stretch at the southern end of the walk. Glistening water.

Mansion along Flagler Drive at the southern end of the walk.

Unusual mansion on the southern end of the walk.

Cluster of palms and a Caribbean-style mansion along the walk.

Dock, on the southern end of the walk.

Ibis birds feeding at the grass, and views of the bridge on Southern Blvd.

Summa Beach Park and its row of palms.

Summa Beach Park has fine, white sand. A nice view from the path.

Sailboat and view across the intracoastal.

Palm tree shade on the lawn at Summa Beach Park, along the path.

Shady sidewalk at the very southern end of the path.

Shady sidewalk and interesting trees.

Sidewalk and palms at the southernmost end of Flagler Drive.

Fan palms on Seville Rd, a side street at the southern end.

Palms and firey plants on Seville Rd.

Pretty side street, Seville Rd.

Looking toward Flagler Drive and the blue intracoastal from a side street.

House along Flagler Drive, at night.

View from the dock on Flager Drive, near Valencia Rd.

View of the city skyline from the dock at Flagler Dr and Valencia Rd.

Walking along Flagler Drive at night.

Moonlight on the water, along Flagler Drive near Valencia Rd.

View of Flagler Drive, from across the intracoastal on Worth Ave.

First Baptist Church, across the street, at the northern end of the walk.

Heron in the water.

It feels like you're in France next to these trees on Westminster Rd.

Christmas decorations on Washington Rd, which is the road that Flagler becomes for a little while.

Flagler Drive, in the part north of Bingham Island Bridge.

Flagler Drive walkway north of Bingham Island Bridge.

A dock on Flagler Drive near Monroe Dr.

Sailing ship along Flagler Drive, at Monroe Drive.

Bright mangroves along the sidewalk.

There's not much shade in the stretch that is north of Bingham Island Bridge.

At sunset, runners making their way from the island, over Royal Park Bridge, back to Flagler Drive.

Painted piano at Common Grounds Brew in Casa Mara. You can walk there.

Big windows at Common Grounds Brew in Casa Mara.

Lovely table at Common Grounds Brew in Casa Mara.

Flowers and trees, on Westminster Rd.

Hibiscus flowers on Westminster Rd.

It's wonderful to look down the side streets. Westminster Rd is my favorite.

Modern skyscraper, The Bristol, a beauty.

The northern end of the walk before you get to Royal Park Bridge.

The walkway along the intracoastal on Flagler Drive, near Dyer Rd.

Looking south along the walkway on Flagler Drive.

Flagler Drive walkway in the late afternoon...pure joy.

Dock near Valencia Rd.

The dock! It's bliss to stand here in the breeze. Near Valencia Rd, on Flagler Dr.

Looking toward downtown WPB, from the dock on Flagler Drive near Valencia Rd.

A side street with palms galore.

Pretty side street.

Knobby tree at Flagler and Dyer.

I love this place. Westminster Rd, and its coconut trees lit up in the sun.

Students from PBA hanging out at Common Grounds Brew in Casa Mara.


The five mile waterfront walking path goes from Summa Beach Park in the south to Flagler Memorial Bridge in the north, with a slight detour on Washington Rd for a minute near George Petty Park.
To start at Summa Beach Park, park you car along the street on Seville Rd.
Common Grounds Coffee, in Casa Mara, 3065 S Dixie Hwy, West Palm Beach, FL 33405. Open daily 7am-7pm.


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