Green Cay Wetlands, Boynton Beach

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Palm Beach, FL
Green Cay Wetlands, Boynton Beach
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Green Cay Wetlands is a joy! Here a one-mile loop boardwalk leads over wetlands full of wildflowers and birds. Parts of the boardwalk are shaded by tall cypress and cabbage palms, but most of it is exposed. There are birds galore and you will see kinds you've never seen before! We saw an amazing bright turquoise bird. There are also turtles and sometimes huge alligators under the boardwalk! On weekends tons of photographers come with cameras with long zoom lenses. Along the boardwalk there are attractive plaques explaining about the different plants and animals you see.

Afterwards, cool off in the nature center, where you can see baby alligators in a large tank and roam the gift shop.
Come between mid-October and mid-May, otherwise it'll be too hot.
This area has many retired people so you will see mostly elderly people on your walk.
After your walk, eat a yummy bagel or chocolate cookie at Flakowitz's Bakery. The  New Yorkers who work there are a ton of fun, joking around with customers.
For kids, check out the amazing barrier-free playground and gorgeous splash pad at Congress Ave Community Park.

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A young roseate spoonbill.

Plaque on the boardwalk explaining about butterflies.

Birds on a dead tree.

Cypress area.

Turtles beside the boardwalk.

A bird, looking graceful in the light.

Snowy egret and beautiful vegetation.

Palm tree and reflection.

Anhinga bird spreading its wings.

Unusual iridescent turquoise bird and grey bird.

A serene place.

Purple swamphen. I love this guy!

Ducks in the algae. Don't use fertilizers!

Moor hen, with its lovely red beak.

Turtle and blue heron.

Chickee hut.

Shady spot along the boardwalk.

Snowy egret, looking intense.

Blue heron in the long grasses.

Blue heron, standing tall.

The boardwalk is long and wonderful!

Flowers and palm trees.

A photographer taking a shot on an October morning.

The nature center.

Spot to sit and look out on the wetlands.

View across the wetlands.

Pickerelweed plants have purple flowers that catch the light.

Baby alligators in the nature center.

Model of the boardwalk, in the nature center.

Cute bird.

Three little birds...

Flowers and water...

Palm tree oasis.

Duck swimming by.

Water reflecting the sky.


Green Cay Wetlands and Nature Center is located at 12800 Hagen Ranch Rd, Boynton Beach 33437, call (561) 966-7000.
Hours for the nature center vary per season but are usually Wed-Sat 9-3. The boardwalk hours are 7am- sunset. Admission is free.
Flakowitz Deli and Bakery, 7410 W. Boynton Beach Blvd, Boynton Beach FL 33437, call (561) 742-4144.


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