Indian Creek Playground, Jupiter

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Palm Beach, FL
Indian Creek Playground, Jupiter
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Indian Creek Park looks fairly plain from the road but it has an amazing playground called Eco-Island! Here amongst a wooded park with a pretty lake with bridge is a tall, tall playground with a gigantic twisty slide and all kinds of fun climbing possibilities. Kids never get bored here! There are contraptions on the play structure for climbing not found at other parks. And there's a large spiderweb climby in perfect condition. Swings and a fish bouncy are also fun. You are almost guaranteed to find kids for your child to play with here, especially around 3pm when kids get out of school. Older kids love the exercise equipment by the water: watch out for the stand-up swing things that are very heavy and at the height of a toddler's head. Kids also get hurt when they jump off the stand-up swing and then it comes back and hits them.The only downsides are that the ground is woodchips and there are no restrooms so it's a bit of a gamble when you come here with kids. But kids of all ages will have a blast here no matter what!

After climbing, kids can run around by the lake and look at the birds and ducks. There is always a wonderful cooling breeze coming off the water.
In the summertime, the squirrels at this park seem to lose their natural food source and become aggressive. The trash cans should have lids, because the squirrels search the trash cans for leftover kid's snacks. The squirrels are fearless and bug you the whole time you're at the park. One squirrel crawled up a lady's leg while I was there. Another lady told me she had been bit and she had to get shots for several illnesses afterward. A squirrel jumped onto my shoulder from the trash can- yuck! Please don't feed the squirrels. 
Beware: There are fire ants at this park. I was stung on my toe while standing near the exercise equipment on an innocent-looking patch of woodchips. A boy was stung all over his leg while looking at the ants near the playground fence. The bite itself is very painful and then becomes extremely itchy the next day. Make sure not to scratch it (use anti-itch cream) or it can open and become infected (this really hurts for days). This park is a great park to visit on a windy day because it's quite sheltered.
If you get tired of this park, check out Pine Gardens Park behind Jupiter Library, with its super tall slides and cool five-person spinner.

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The tall playground!

Shady picnic areas.

A child walks by the water with the bridge in the background. There is a nice breeze off the water.

Children walking by the ducks after school.

The playground, which is surrounded by a fence.

The play structures, rope climby, and bouncy. And plenty of shade.

Bouncy horse.

Fun playground!

Swings galore.

You can look at the trees above you while swinging!

Picnic table among trees.

Bike rider going by.

A man exercises at the equipment.

View of the pond from the exercise stations.

Kids love this exercise station that you stand on.

Lift your arms at the exercise station by the pond.

Kids love to see the funny birds in the parking lot.


Indian Creek Park is located at 1795 Indian Creek Drive East, Jupiter, FL 33458.
Exit Highway 95 at Indiantown Rd and head toward the ocean. Turn right on Central Blvd. After you pass Indian Creek Dr, turn left into the driveway with the sign "Indian Creek Park."


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