Inlet Beach, Ocean Ridge

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Palm Beach, FL
Inlet Beach, Ocean Ridge
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Inlet Beach in Ocean Ridge (the coastal town next to Boynton Beach) has a pier that juts out into the ocean right by the inlet. There are cute pelicans that sit on the pier, bob up and down on the waves, and occasionally fly up and dive bomb into the water. This is really fun to watch!

There are some fun rocks by the shore, separating the beach into different areas. Kids like to climb on them and see what creatures they can spot.
The water is a dark blue-green here. Some things aren't so pretty though; the sand looks oily and doesn't have the whole shells seen on other beaches. Also, there is a huge black wastewater pipe suspended in the air over the beach! I guess the yucky water comes right out into the ocean where the swimmers are. Avoid swimming here after a rain.
The ocean can be quite rough and dangerous for swimming here in the spring.
There is no parking on the beach side of the road but you can park at Ocean Inlet Park across the street, for free. On weekends and during Spring Break it can be hard to find parking in the middle of the day. Come early or late.
Much nicer than Inlet Beach is Ocean Inlet Park across the street. It is serene with gorgeous views of the waterway through the trees. What a joy to sit here by the playground and take in the scene! The water, however, is so dirty that it smells if you walk up to it.
There are restrooms at Ocean Inlet Park.
Check out Nomad Surf Shop, a six minute drive south.
For a fun children's museum nearby, check out Schoolhouse Children's Museum in Boynton Beach, which has a large castle playground next to it called Kids Kingdom.
Have a coffee in the awesome atmosphere at Common Grounds, or a meal on the intracoastal at Banana Boat, in Boynton Beach town.

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Brown wooden lifeguard shack and glorious-colored water!

Swimmers enjoying a warm spring day.

Boulders at the shoreline.

A pier always gives a beach definition.

I love when the water becomes a deep blue near the horizon!

Moms talking while their kids play in the sand.

A girl stops to feel the water.


The parking for Inlet Beach is located at 6990 N. Ocean Boulevard, Ocean Ridge, Florida 33435.
Exit Highway 95 at Boynton Beach Blvd and head toward the ocean. Turn right on Seacrest Blvd. Turn left on Ocean Ave and take it until it dead ends. Then turn left on Ocean Blvd and head past some mansions. After you pass two other beach parking lots, turn left into Ocean Inlet Park and park for free. Walk across the street to the beach.


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Sun, 20 Nov 2016

One place I miss since moving from South Florida.

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