Juno Beach Park

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Palm Beach, FL
Juno Beach Park
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Juno Beach has a cute pier and aquamarine water. The sand is grey but there are lovely whole shells along the shore. Many people bring their dogs to the northern end of the beach to run free without a leash, which is good or bad depending on if you like dogs running around you. On weekends, this is a happening spot, with good-looking students hanging out with radios and umbrellas. It's lovely to come here with a picnic dinner during a full moon- watch the purple sunset and the moon making silvery green flecks on the water.

There is a $1 charge to go on the pier, and you can also buy drinks and snacks at the kiosk where you pay.
Fishermen lure sharks to the pier at Juno Beach to try to catch them, so swimming in the area near the pier is more dangerous than further away from the pier. I choose other beaches for a swim usually, such as the beaches on Singer Island, which have nicer sand and clearer water too.
Walk south down to Loggerhead Beach with its nice playground and marinelife center full of youthful volunteers and tanks with turtles.
It's wonderful to walk in the shade of the sea grape trees along the sidewalk and look down at the blue-green water below. The walkway, Ocean Drive Walk, is shady in the morning and connects Juno Beach with Loggerhead Beach.
For a playground within walking distance, check out Ocean Cay Park. If it's windy and the water is mushy and uninviting, drive to Dubois Lagoon, where the water is clear, calm, and blissful at high tide.
After your swim or walk at the beach, have pizza at County Line Pizza on U.S. Highway 1 just north of Donald Ross Rd- the New York pasta and pizza are so good, and the people are friendly.
From March to September, swimming is risky because of sea lice, small jellyfish that get under your swimsuit or t-shirt and then sting you when pressed. The bigger your clothing in the water, the more you get stung, so don't wear a t-shirt! Sea lice cases, and intensity of reaction, have increased in recent years. Palm Beach County has the most cases, because the Gulf Stream passes closest to the shore here. If you are being stung, you might feel a slight prickly sensation while in the water, but the real reaction will start later, when the jellyfish are pressed under your clothes, when you sit or lie down at the beach. 

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Feeling the water.

Crowd of people enjoying the beach on a weekday afternoon.

Bridge over the intracoastal waterway on the way to Juno Beach- it's fun to watch them raise it on the half hour!

Tropical-looking parking lot at Juno Beach.

Grass shack by the pier, where you can watch the scene on the beach below.

Surfers at Juno Beach on a pumping April day!

Flag at Juno Beach indicating that only surfers are allowed in the water left of the pier (on days when the swell is good).

Shells found on the beach...

Stairs to Juno Beach at dusk.

Juno Beach Pier at dusk.

The pier at the end of another fine day.

Two manatees seen from the pier, August 2015!

Looking south down the beach from the pier.

A bird enjoys a fish given to him by a fisherman on the pier.

Beautiful August evening at the beach.

Vegetation and blue-green water.

The pier at sunset.

Dreamy-looking sunset at the pier.

Pink clouds at sunset.

View from the pier- perfect water.

The base of the pier.

I love this view as you approach the beach!

Palms up above welcome you.

The view as you stand at the top of the stairs.

Little bird running from a wave.

Shells galore!

Morning stillness at the pier.

I love the colors at Juno Beach Park!

Coconut trees.

Silver tree.

Stormy day at the beach in December.

It's lovely to stand under the pier and watch the waves roll in.

The pier, from the very end, on a stormy day when not crowded. The water was incredible! Really this color!

Golden Juicery is a nice place to check out nearby.


Exit Highway 95 at Donald Ross Rd and head toward the ocean. You will go over the bridge. Then turn left on U.S. Highway 1. After Loggerhead Beach, there are plenty of signs leading you to the large free parking lot for Juno Beach Park.
County Line Pizza, 877 Donald Ross Road, Juno Beach, FL 33408, call (561) 626-3662.


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