Jupiter Places to Eat and Drink

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Palm Beach, FL
Jupiter Places to Eat and Drink
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Jupiter has some great waterfront places to eat and take in the scenery.

Across the inlet from the lighthouse you will find a row of restaurants with incredible views. The development is called Charley & Joe's at Love Street. U-Tiki Beach (a bar and grill), Topside at the Beacon (a rooftop tapas bar- only open at lunchtime on weekends, and after 3pm on weekdays), Lucky Shuck (delicious), and Square Grouper (bar that's over 21 only), have an incredible view of the inlet and Jupiter Lighthouse. 1000 North (super expensive) and Jetty's (expensive) are two other options. The outdoor seating areas have a cool breeze coming off the water. Even in June, the air is perfect at dinnertime. It's amazing how incredibly clear the water is even though there are boats around. What a blissful spot! In front of U-Tiki Beach and Jetty's there is a wide walkway with amazing views of the lighthouse and water. U-Tiki Beach is often crowded but you can sit in the sand area with the best views without waiting in line!- it's so much nicer out there in the open air anyway. You can only order from the bar menu though. Square Grouper has plenty of rugged dudes enjoying a drink after a day fishing or boating. Only drinks and a few basic meal items are sold, and kids under age 21 aren't allowed. This bar is incredibly romantic on quiet nights, when you can sit with your lover on two chairs between palm trees and enjoy the view of the lighthouse lit up across the water. Then you really know why you live in Florida! On weekend nights there is live music (often country music) and plenty of people sharing a drink at tables on the sandy floor beneath coconut trees. Perfection! Square Grouper opens at 11am so you can bring your laptop and hang out, if you're over age 21. Lucky Shuck is the best choice, with delicious food and amazing views of the lighthouse. Try the club sandwich which is almost all vegetables and tastes delicious! A short walk from Lucky Shuck is Cones and Coffee, where you can have a coffee, pastry, or ice cream at their outdoor seating under a white shady canopy- it's very nice!
A restaurant with no view (it looks like a real dive from the outside) is Little Moir's Food Shack in a plain strip mall on the southeast corner of Indiantown and Highway 1. Once inside, there is plenty of Jamaican-style atmosphere: posters of Bob Marley, plus fishing and surfing paraphernalia. This restaurant is always packed because the food is delicious and the fish is incredibly fresh, more fresh than you've ever tasted before! Try the Sweet Potato-Crusted Dolphin (Mahi mahi). If the restaurant is full, you can sit in the bar next door and order the same meal from the same kitchen! Or you can drive ten minutes to Leftovers Cafe, which is the same restaurant in a different location, in Abacoa, a cute neighborhood with Caribbean architecture. Leftovers Cafe sometimes has great live music.
Guanabanas is an enchanting place with grass shacks, lush tropical foliage, and lanterns, looking out on a narrow waterway and a mangrove island. Too bad the wait staff can be just awful, as if they don't care in the slightest that you have a good time. The food also can be terrible. It's worth it to go just for the pretty surroundings and in the hope that you might luck out this time. Coming for drinks might be the best way to enjoy the atmosphere. Watch out for mosquitoes.
If you need a place to eat where your kids will be super happy, check out The Burger Shack, at the entrance to Dubois Lagoon near the mini golf. It has a playground where your kids can run around while you wait for your burger or salad! Very popular with parents!
Tiki 52 is a popular bar north of Tequesta, especially with bikers on Sunday afternoons. What a fabulous spot with a huge grass shack over the tables for shade, a breeze off the water, and swings on the intracoastal waterway where you can get a drink at night! It feels a little crowded with the huge tables, and also the staff aren't always friendly. After your meal, make sure you walk by the boats, where the swings are (see photo above). You can sit for a minute at little tables in the shade of trees, on the water. 
Next to it, Blue Pointe Bar and Grill is my absolute favorite, with friendly staff and a more spacious feel. It is a blissful place on a large piece of land jutting into the aquarmarine intracoastal. The breeze is strong, keeping you cool, and the atmosphere is perfect on weekdays when it's less crowded. They have live music at almost all times, and the bands are amazing. It is a very special place- my highest recommendation! Try the buffalo chicken flatbread as a nice appetizer to share on a quiet weekday afternoon. The coconut shrimp is good, and so are the tacos.
Stop at the shell shop south of here, called Sea Treasures, for some great gifts and home decorations- we love this shop!
These restaurants/bars have live music many nights. Nothing is better than the warm night air in Florida combined with some good music. Go on a night when there is a strong breeze, to avoid mosquito bites. 
If you want a juicer or acai bowl, check out Modern Juice with its colorful local art and photographs on the walls.

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You drive through a criss-cross of coconut trees to valet park at Guanabanas.

Entrance to Guanabanas.

Tropical foliage.

Gorgeous spot where they wouldn't let anyone sit (in case of rain) at Guanabanas.

Impressive tree plus glass fishing buoy.

Steps down to the docks at Guanabanas.

Relaxing place to sit by the water.

Florida has so many waterfront spots- it's wonderful!

Colorful plants.

Pathway through the restaurant.

View of mangrove island.

Stage where they play live music at Guanabanas.

Entry to Square Grouper.

Hanging out after a busy day, at Square Grouper.

The dock near Jetty's.

The colorful, modern decor at Little Moir's Food Shack.

Square Grouper, as seen from the water.

View from Jetty's and U-Tiki Beach.

Jetty's is to the right of the pier/dock.

Jetty's, as seen from above.

The dock at Jetty's restaurant.

Warm January night at Square Grouper with views of the lighthouse.

Enjoying a perfect evening at Square Grouper.

The magical setting at Square Grouper, across from the lighthouse.

Square Grouper is a popular spot to grab a drink and listen to live music under the coconut trees.

View near Jetty's.

View of the lighthouse and manatee queen boat from Jetty's.

View of the boats from U-Tiki Beach.

Outdoor tables on the inlet.

Watching standup paddlers, from U-Tiki Beach.

Tropical vegetation at Guanabanas.

Sitting by the water at Guanabanas.

Relaxing outside U-Tiki Beach, in the faster bar seating.

Walking at U-Tiki Beach restaurant.

A couple waits with views of the lighthouse, at U-tiki Beach restaurant.

Sitting in the bar area of U-Tiki Beach restaurant.

Views of the lighthouse.

Seating with water views at Jetty's.

The amazing water views at Jetty's and U-Tiki Beach restaurants.

Walking on a dock by the lighthouse after eating at U-Tiki Beach or Jetty's.

Colorful local art by Sarah LaPierre, at Modern Juice.


U-Tiki Beach and Jetty's are located at 1095 N. Hwy A1A, Jupiter FL 33477.
Exit Highway 95 at Indiantown Rd and follow it for 4 1/2 miles toward the ocean. Turn left on U.S. Hwy 1. You will cross two small bridges and then you immediately turn right at a sharp angle onto Ocean Blvd. Turn left immediately on Cramer St and park in the large free parking lot. Topside at the Beacon Tapas Bar, Lucky Shuck, as well as an expensive steak house, are also located here, in a development called Charley and Joe's at Love Street.
Square Grouper is also located here, just one side street east of Cramer St, at 1111 Love Street, Jupiter FL 33477, call (561) 575-0252.
Guanabanas is located across Hwy A1A and slightly south from Square Grouper and Bubba Gump Shrimp Company, at 960 North Highway A1a  Jupiter, FL 33477, call (561) 747-8878.
Little Moir's Food Shack is located in a strip mall on the southeast corner of U.S. Hwy 1 and Indiantown Rd, at 103 South U.S. Hwy 1, Jupiter FL 33477, call (561) 741-3626. Exit Highway 95 at Indiantown Rd and follow it for 4 1/2 miles toward the ocean. After you cross the bridge and U.S. Hwy 1, turn right into the strip mall and you will see the restaurant by the surf shop.
Leftovers Cafe is located in the quiet neighborhood of Abacoa at 451 University Blvd, Jupiter FL 33458, call (561) 627-6030.
Tiki 52 is further north, north of Tequesta, situated at Blowing Rocks Marina, at 18487 SE Federal Highway, Tequesta FL 33469, call (561) 746-3312. Exit Highway 95 at Indiantown Rd and follow it for 4 1/2 miles toward the ocean. Turn left on U.S. Hwy 1. After three miles, turn right onto Federal Hwy Access Rd at Blowing Rocks Marina, just after the huge pale yellow boat storage building. 
Blue Pointe Bar and Grill is south of Tiki 52, at the huge yellow building called Jupiter Pointe Marina, at 18701 SE Federal Hwy, Tequesta. You park next to the yellow building, or in the white gravel parking lot to the north, or the parking lot to the south of the yellow building. On weekends you pay $5 for parking, which is reimbursed. Sea Treasures, the shell shop, is just south of this.


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Beth Miller

Thu, 03 Mar 2016

They are KILLING the dolphins!
I would NEVER-EVER go there again!!

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Fri, 11 Mar 2016

I think when they put "dolphin" on the menu they are not talking about actual dolphins. Dolphin is the name of a large sportfish that they catch locally.

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