Kagan Park & Pelican Lake, Juno Bch

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Palm Beach, FL
Kagan Park & Pelican Lake, Juno Bch

Kagan Park has a nice playground in a slightly recessed area by a small lake called Pelican Lake. Kids enjoy the twisty slide, while adults shoot hoops at the basketball court or work on their muscles at the workout stations. There are swings, baby wings, horse bouncies, and plenty of interesting sections to the playground structure. The trees that border the playground make it a pretty place to spend some time.
Across the street, there is a pleasant walking path that makes a loop around the perimeter of Pelican Lake. Benches shaded by trees provide a place to rest along the way. Lovely ibis birds putter around, and if you walk out onto the gazebo you will see little turtles bob their heads out of the water. You can also spot fish under the water! It's fun for kids!
Don't be too alarmed by the spooky "beware of alligators" signs that make you feel uneasy as you stand near the brackish water. They were placed here in 2007 when a seventy-pound alligator was spotted here in May of that year and then trapped in July 2007. No one knows how it ended up in this small residential lake.
The lake path is short (one mile) and easy which makes it nice for kids on scooters, as long as they aren't scared of the large, confident ducks. The lake has fountains in it and gazebos where you can sit and enjoy the views across the water. One short section of the walkway requires you to walk along the sidewalk of Ocean Dr but soon winds back down to the lake. There are bollard lights along the path so you can walk at night as well.
After your walk, eat at County Line Pizza, on the northwest corner of Donald Ross Rd and Highway 1- when you walk in, you can just smell how amazing your pasta or pizza is going to be!
Or for a healthy meal or juicer juice, go to Green Garden Cafe, a three minute drive south.

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The playground.

Ibis birds! On a stormy November day.

Water's edge.

Monkey bars at the playground.

Looking toward the loop walk around the lake, from the playground.

Gazebo on the lake.

The lovely gazebo at the end of a pier.

Walking along the loop path.

Ducks by the water.

Benches along the path.

Shady part of the walk.

Banyan tree by a bench.

Fat palm, on the part of the walk that goes past houses.

Pink blossoms and palms.

Statue of a pelican.

Bench by a banyan tree.

Banyan tree beauty.

A couple walks along the loop path.

A second gazebo on the lake, and fountain.

Purple flowers on the bank of the lake.

Gazebo and fountain.

Castle-like house in the distance.

Shady spot on the path.

Spanish fountain.


I love the silvery trees.

Ibis bird at the lake's edge.

Tiled table and stools, in the back of Green Garden Cafe, where you can get a juicer juice nearby.


From Ocean Dr, turn onto Celestial Way. There is a parking lot beside the playground. From there you can cross the street to enjoy the walking path around Pelican Lake.
County Line Pizza, 877 Donald Ross Road, Juno Beach, FL 33408, call (561) 626-3662.
Green Garden Cafe, 11911 US-1 STE 103, North Palm Beach, FL 33408. Open for breakfast and lunch.


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2018-01-23 20:31:04

I just love this Lake. I love waking around it & watching all The birds people & dogs. Great place to lose some weight

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2017-12-11 21:16:13

Hi Ed, I've caught bass, tilapia, some sort of catfish, and freshwater sunfish in the lake.

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2017-05-10 12:00:08

What are the fish in Pelican Lake that are in the little pools?

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