Lakeside Park, North Palm Beach

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Palm Beach, FL
Lakeside Park, North Palm Beach
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Lakeside Park is a gorgeous park on the intracoastal in North Palm Beach, just north of Northlake Blvd. From the parking lot it doesn't look like anything special and I almost turned around! But it is so nice!! I would have really missed out. When I brought my husband and daughter a few days later they felt the same thing. 

There is a walkway that leads you under the shade of ironwood trees to little beaches of sugar white sand. The beaches are shady in the afternoon because of the ironwood trees. Beach sunflowers grow on the slope above the sand, plus silvery plants. There are two staircases that lead down to the beach, as well as a wooden fence that looks so cute and runs along the path. Knobby ironwood trunks line the path. 
Kids love the sailboat playground with a spinner and swings. It is shady too. Kids can also shoot some hoops at the basketball court. 
Just a few minutes drive away is Anchorage Park with a huge, new playground!
The views across the intracoastal to Singer Island are delightful, and the water is crystal clear at high tide. Inspiring!

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Winding, shady path by the water.

A bench looking out on the water.

Ironwood trees by the path.

Shady white sand beach on the intracoastal.

The white sand beach on the intracoastal and views of the highrises of Singer Island.

Beach sunflowers and boulders.

Boulders, beach sunflowers, and ironwood trees.

A stripey hammock by the water.

Kids swimming in the intracoastal.

Thatched hut picnic pavilion- beautiful!

The shady path with a cute, wooden fence.

Fence and grasses, with blue water behind.

The ship playground!

Spinner at the playground.

The playground is cute!

I love these silvery Sea Lavender plants.

Blissful gradient of colors as you reach the water.

Cute silvery Sea Lavender plants and the swings.

I love these Sea Lavender plants with the water behind.

Ironwood trees on the path.

Sunny lawns and winding path.

Bench by the water.

A bench by the white river beach.

The white river beach and little plants on the shore.

Shady spot on the white sand.

Crystal clear water and Singer Island in the distance.

The highrises of Singer Island in the distance.

Sand volleyball court.

The sugar sand.

The long river beach.

The swings!


Lakeside Park is located at 67 Lakeside Dr, North Palm Beach, FL 33408. There is plenty of free parking.


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