Loggerhead Beach, Hike & Playground, Juno Bch

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Palm Beach, FL
Loggerhead Beach, Hike & Playground, Juno Bch

Loggerhead Beach, the southern part of Juno Beach, is a wide-open beach with pale grey sand, shells on the shore, and aquamarine water. You can take a long walk here to the pier at Juno Beach. Dunes with sea oats block the beach from the road. The water here is such a pretty color that stays vibrant even when the sun is setting. A nice playground with a Polynesian-shaped picnic hut and palm trees is located between the beach and the Loggerhead Marinelife Center. It has a ship playground with a globe kids can spin, captain's wheel, and treasure maps. There are swings with pretty blue palmettos behind.
Sometimes the Loggerhead Marinelife Center does turtle releases at this beach around 10am, usually on a weekday. Check their schedule. It's wonderful to watch the turtle see the sea and make its way back home.
Don't miss the Loggerhead Marinelife Center, a hospital for turtles, while you're here. It's an attractive and modern center with tanks full of turtles outside and exhibits about turtles inside. There is also a kids play area.
It's a short walk north along the sand to Juno Beach with its pretty pier.
At the northern end of the parking lot for Loggerhead Beach, there is a gap in the thick vegetation and a large information board where you can take a short walk into the Juno Dunes Natural Area. You start in a jungly forest called a maritime hammock, continue on the paved walkway past white sandy dunes covered in low plants, and then make it to a gazebo with a fantastic view of the ocean and open land all around! It is 44 feet high, the highest point in the Palm Beach area (this is hilarious!). Take the white sandy path down from the gazebo to another little jungle that leads out to the road where you can cross the street and walk down stairs to the beach. This 42-acre nature preserve covers the entire area from beach to intracoastal waterway. Come in winter not summer because of the mosquitoes.
After your walk, eat at County Line Pizza, on the northwest corner of Donald Ross Rd and Highway 1- when you walk in, you can just smell how amazing your pasta or pizza is going to be!
A nice loop walk around a lake is south of here, at Kagan Park and Pelican Lake

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The playground and its cute Polynesian-shaped hut and palms.

The beautiful color of the water.

The beach, sea oats, and condos.

Loggerhead Beach, at the far end near Juno Beach pier.

The color of the sand at Loggerhead Beach.

Pavilion at the playground behind Loggerhead Marinelife Center- a pretty place.

Shells on the sand at Loggerhead Beach.

Shells on the beach- lovely!

Gorgeous grass shack hut overlooking the beach. A tunnel leads from the parking lot to the beach here.

Breezy day at the park across from the beach.

The playground, and the nature preserve behind it.

Sailing ship playground.

Kids can peek out of a porthole in the ship.

White sand under the playground.

The swings!

Benches by the playground.

The sandy path that leads down to Ocean Dr from the gazebo at the end of the short hike.

The shady jungle (coastal hammock) where you will find snowberry, sea grape, strangler fig, and wild coffee.

An opening in the vegetation at the parking lot leads to the Juno Dunes Natural Area.

The gazebo you reach after a short walk, with views all around.

After the short jungly area, the path is more open.

Rest in the shade of the gazebo while you take in the views.

Views of the turquoise ocean.

It's wonderful to watch a turtle release at Loggerhead Beach!

Observers gather to see a turtle release.

Crab in the sand.

Sandy path down to the beach.

11,184 Loggerhead turtles hatched on the beach in 2017!

The sign that warns you of jellyfish, currents, murky water or other concerns.

Shady walking path by the beach.

Abundance of palms in the parking lot. I love these!

Apartments right on the beach.

Winding sidewalk under palm trees, along Donald Ross Rd, on the way to the beach from the hotels.

Morning glory in the sand.

Sea oats and amazing-colored water.

Little shells along the shore, and creamy waves.


Pile of shells at the shore.


Ocean and park.

Dreamy view in the morning.

Lively coconut trees.

Bike to the beach!

Beach entrance from south parking lot at Loggerhead Park.

Thatched hut with views of the beach, near south parking lot in Loggerhead Park.

Dreamy October day at Loggerhead Beach.

Perfect sky and sea, at Loggerhead Beach.

Vines growing along the sand, at Loggerhead Beach.

Beach sunflowers and shells, at Loggerhead Beach.

Picnic gazebo on a sunny October day.


Exit Highway 95 at Donald Ross Rd and head toward the ocean. After you cross the drawbridge, turn left on U.S. Hwy 1. After two blocks you will see a big sign on the right for Loggerhead Park. Pull in there. There is free parking. The playground is between the Marinelife Center and the beach.There are many access points to Loggerhead Beach. This is just one of them. You can also access the beach from dozens of points along the A1A- one of them is by where Donald Ross Rd meets the A1A.
County Line Pizza, 877 Donald Ross Road, Juno Beach, FL 33408, call (561) 626-3662.


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