Love Street restaurants, Jupiter

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Palm Beach, FL
Love Street restaurants, Jupiter
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Love Street is a gorgeous place on the Jupiter inlet across from the lighthouse. The water is the most amazing color. Boats go by, soft breezes tickle your skin, and palm trees abound. Happy people stroll the short waterfront walkway between restaurants. The views of the lighthouse and giant banyan tree on a little hill are as cute as you can get! There are some steps down to a tiny beach with baby mangroves on the water. At night you can see the lighthouse and boats lit up, and hundreds of tiny strung lights. 

Part of Love Street is a new development called Charley and Joe's, with two restaurants: Lucky Shuck and Topside at the Beacon. The development is beautifully done, with lots of palm trees in the sand and attractive paving. You will love it!
Lucky Shuck has an incredible spot with direct views of the lighthouse. The outdoor seating is fairly shady, under coconut trees. It is bliss there! The menu is a little odd, but the chicken club sandwich is the best priced item and delicious. Topside at the Beacon is upstairs above Beacon. It has drinks and appetizers, with great views as well. A well-dressed Miami crowd goes there on weekends. After 8pm it is for over 21 only, and has unpleasant music with a heavy beat. 
On the older, right side of Love Street, check out Square Grouper, a tiki hut bar for age 21 and over. This isn't an upmarket place like Lucky Shuck, but it's blissful to come at 11am when they open, buy an iced tea, and watch the pelicans dive bombing into the crystal clear water in front of the lighthouse. You can also see catfish swimming by below you! It's so fun! In the morning it is shady at the tables and there is a cool breeze off the water. At night, watch live bands here. 
To the left of Charley and Joe's development is U-Tiki Beach, a cafe that is always packed but you can sit in the waterfront sandy area without a reservation. It is wonderful in this sandy area under the palm trees, and much quieter than the loud, unpleasant restaurant area. A very formal option, Jetty's, is also right on the water. Both have views of the lighthouse. 
It's tranquil and memorable to sit on the benches on the pier at night in front of Jetty's and feel the breeze in your hair. For some reason, there aren't many mosquitoes here. 
Nearby there are some other restaurants. Guanabanas is across Highway A1A on a narrow canal. And 1000 North is a very expensive restaurant on the other side of Highway 1, on the inlet in a large new building.  
On the corner of Love Street and Highway A1A is Blueline Surf & Paddle, which has nice clothes and jewelry, and a coffee/ice cream shop called Cones and Coffee. Cones and Coffee has a lovely outdoor seating area under a white shady canopy- it's nice to sit in the breeze, watch the palms sway, and enjoy a cup of tea.
Keep walking along Hwy A1A and you will get to glorious Dubois Lagoon. Here there is a restaurant that is perfect for parents because it has its own playground, bouncy horses, and cornhole games: The Burger Shack. It is next to the mini golf at the entrance to Dubois Park/Lagoon. 
I talk more about Love Street and its restaurants in the entry called Jupiter Places to Eat and Drink. I just thought it's time Love Street got its own entry because it is a destination in and of itself!
Love Street is near Tequesta town, where you can visit a great art gallery, Lighthouse Art Gallery and 2D Studio.

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Charley and Joe's sign where the development begins. Beautiful banyan tree!

Rows of palms leading to the restaurants.

Lovely paving and lighthouse in the distance.

Steps down to the little beach on the water.

Views of the lighthouse and crystalline water!

Coconut trees in the sand outside Lucky Shuck.

Enjoying a lazy lunch at Lucky Shuck.

Views of the lighthouse are perfect from Lucky Shuck.

Seating in the shade, with fans, at Lucky Shuck.

Topside at the Beacon is a roofside cafe.

Nice decor at Cones and Coffee.

Local photographs at Cones and Coffee.

Ice cream artwork at Cones and Coffee.

Inside Cones and Coffee.

The exterior of Cones and Coffee.

Blueline Surf and Paddle.

The view in front of U-Tiki Beach and Jetty's.

Tables in the sand at U-Tiki Beach.

The wide promenade in front of U-Tiki Beach.


Fish in the water in front of Jetty's.

Jetty's is a pleasant spot to sit.

Pier in front of Jetty's.

July afternoon at U-Tiki Beach.

Many people enjoying the outdoors at U-Tiki Beach.

The docks in front of U-Tiki Beach.

Sandy section and balcony at U-Tiki Beach.

Relaxing at U-Tiki Beach.

Swinging chairs at Top of the Beacon.

Hanging out at Top of the Beacon.

Strung lights at Top of the Beacon.

Couch and bar with sports TVs at Top of the Beacon.

Lighthouse views from Top of the Beacon.

Kids like to play on the artificial lawn between Top of the Beacon and Lucky Shuck.

Clear water at Square Grouper.

Coconut trees galore at Square Grouper.

A tiki boat coming back from the inlet.

Looking back at Top of the Beacon from the pier.

See the clear water by Lucky Shuck!

Sunset view of the lighthouse.

Sunset at Lucky Shuck.

Turtle photos on the wall at Coffee and Cones.

Tiki cruise floats by.

The lighthouse at night.

Outside Lucky Shuck it is so romantic!

Palm trees galore at night.

Cones & Coffee has a cute interior.

Outdoor seating at Cones & Coffee.

Cones & Coffee is a fun place to go.

Views of the lighthouse and a sailboat, from Square Grouper.

The tropical entrance to Square Grouper.

Tables with the most amazing view of the lighthouse, at Square Grouper.

It's lovely to sit by the water at Square Grouper.

Views across the water from Square Grouper.

The glorious colors of Jupiter Lighthouse and its surrounds, from Square Grouper.

Paradise scene, at Square Grouper.


It's fun to watch the pelicans divebombing while at Square Grouper.

Pelicans are funny!

People atop the lighthouse.

Paddle boarders across the water, near Jupiter Lighthouse Coast Guard Trail.

Pelican on the dock.


The development called Charley and Joe's at Love Street is located at 1116 Love St, Jupiter, FL 33477. There is a large parking lot with free parking.


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