Manatee Lagoon, Riviera Beach

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Palm Beach, FL
Manatee Lagoon, Riviera Beach
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The Manatee Lagoon is a two-level modern manatee viewing center with a pretty walkway on the water. It is a very attractive yellow building with huge windows and patio, located in an industrial area on the intracoastal. Manatees return each year in winter because previously the water was warmed by the coal power plant. The new gas plant is required to keep the water warm now especially for the manatees. We saw one swimming right by us and poking its nose out the water, and it was so lovely!

Inside the center you can read many poster exhibits that explain about manatees. Go outside on the second level for a great view of Peanut Island and the manatees below.
NOTE: Come right before high tide for clear water. If you come at low tide the water is murky and it's hard to see the manatees.
NOTE: Come on a very cold day to make it more likely to see manatees. If it has been 40 degrees overnight you will see some! We counted 21 manatees on a cold January day.
We saw a family of manatees, a dad, mom, and baby! And many moms and babies. So cute!
There is a gift shop with nice items, and two manatee skeletons near the entrance.
Outside there are plenty of palm trees and a cute manatee sculpture.
You can check the manatee webcam here, and see the beautiful stripey tropical fish, especially at high tide when the water is clear. 
Check out nearby Phil Foster Park, to see huge yellow and orange starfish and tropical fish in the clear water. This park must also be visited right before high tide for best effect.
For a swim, head over to Singer Island for a beautiful, clear water beach with many shells.
For some cafes, head south to Northwood Village, a run down though quaint little main street with a French cafe.

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The beautiful building on the water.

A manatee swims around in the water.

Visitors enjoy the upstairs balcony.

A father and son check out the lagoon.

Manatee skeletons and beautiful ocean mural behind.

The gift shop is fun for kids.

The displays educate you about manatees and the lagoon.

Huge windows add to the appeal.

A lady looks out at the water from the upstairs balcony.

Manatee mother and baby sculpture.

A dad and baby walk along.

Nice landscaping at the manatee center.

View across the intracoastal.


A manatee taking a breath, right by us at the railing.

Closeup view of a manatee!

Manatee coming to the surface.

Looking down at a manatee. Sweet shape.

Stripey fish and manatee.

Stripey fish.

Bench and water views.

The big windows at the front.

Upstairs, at Christmastime.

View from the upstairs balcony.

Beautiful landscaping in the park adjacent to the manatee center.

Cold January day and a lot of manatees!

People gather to see the manatees!

A great day for spotting manatees! It was 40 degrees overnight.

We counted 21 manatees on a cold cold January day! Come at high tide for clear water.

Manatees are amazing!

So many manatees! The water is crystal clear at high tide so you can see their whole bodies from the upstairs balcony.

Mommy and baby manatee!

A manatee floats in the clear water.

Mommy and baby manatee swimming at the viewing platform.

Shady viewing platform.

Manatees in the water by the viewing platform.

Busy January day.

Manatee Lagoon is a pretty place!

The nice landscaping with ornamental grasses.

Cold day with lots of viewers.

Pretty grounds of the Manatee Lagoon.

Kids pose in front of the manatee sculpture.

A cold day at the lagoon.

An iguana hangs out at the water's edge.

A boat enters the harbor.

A boat cruising along in the perfect water.

Names of the fish you will see.

A James Bond-style boat.


Manatee Lagoon is located at 6000 N. Flagler Dr, West Palm Beach FL 33407, call (561) MANATEE.
From Highway 95, exit at 45th Street and turn toward the ocean. Turn left on Highway 1/Broadway. Turn right on 58th St. Turn left on Flagler Dr and immediately right into the parking lot.
Open Tues-Sun 9-4. Closed Mondays.
Admission is free.


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