Memorial Fountain Plaza, Palm Beach

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Palm Beach, FL
Memorial Fountain Plaza, Palm Beach
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In the middle of the divider on S. County Rd, behind Town Hall, is a lovely little spot that makes you feel like you're in Europe! It is Memorial Fountain Plaza, designed by architect Mizner, who designed much of Palm Beach. It consists of a long pool fountain, clear and sweet, flanked by palm trees. Potted plants add to the ambience, as does a small tree at Christmastime. On the upper terrace is a grand fountain, designed after the Fountain of the Sea Horses, at Villa Borghese in Rome. Below this is an adorable European-style courtyard with little chairs and tables. 
Walk the side streets here, Brazilian Ave, Chilean Ave, and Australian Ave, checking out the mansions, huge entry hedges, coconut trees, and hibiscus flowers. They will delight your senses, and there is almost always shade on one side of the street. At the far end of each side street is the gorgeous Midtown Beach on the east side, and a park with wonderful banyan trees on the west side.

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French-style chairs in the little square by the fire station.

Looking up at the fountain.

The reflection pool and Christmas tree in the distance.

Horse fountain.

The fountain and half-timbered building in the distance.

The fountain and bell tower.

Reflection pool and lovely arbors.

The water in the reflection pool dazzles you.

Looking down the reflection pool.

Christmas tree and half-timbered building.

Town Hall.

French chairs.

The fountain in the evening.

House on a side street.

An unusual tree.

Side street leading to the ocean.

Octagonal room with banana trees outside.

Orchids in abundance!

Palm Beach Town Hall.

Palm Beach Town Hall has lovely arched windows.

Palm Beach Town Hall looks pristine.

Palm Beach Historic Inn.

Decorative details on Palm Beach Historic Inn.

Bougainvillea at Earl ET Smith Preservation Park, across from Town Hall.

The charming castle-like look of Town Hall.

Mansion with arches on a side street.

Shady sidewalk to stroll nearby.

The clocktower with ocean views is just a block away.


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