Midtown Beach, Palm Beach

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Palm Beach, FL
Midtown Beach, Palm Beach
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Midtown Beach is about as good as it gets! Here, where blissful Worth Avenue meets the ocean, you'll find a salmon-pink wave wall with white trim. A pedestrian path runs for miles along the wall, with stunning water views. A classic clocktower with arched window perfectly frames the beach view.

There are several breaks in the wave wall where you can walk to the sand. Here you will find a delightful beach with clearest water, clean lovely sand, and little waves. Fashionable, young people congregate here to soak up the sun. Rocks placed at intervals along the shore give the beach some shape. The view of the coconut trees lining Ocean Blvd is lovely from the water. There are lifeguards but no restrooms. Parking is expensive- about $5 an hour along Ocean Blvd. You can park for free if you're lucky in the few stalls on the side streets such as Brazilian Ave (1 hr only).
There tend to be a lot of sharks at this beach January- March when they are migrating north and looking for food along the coast, so be careful.
There are lifeguards at this beach, which is great. The lifeguard shacks are at the ends of Brazilian Ave and Chilean Ave.
For a lovely walk, park at Brazilian Ave and stroll along the beautiful side streets and beside the pink wave wall that lines the beach.
From March to September, swimming is risky because of sea lice, small jellyfish that get under your swimsuit or t-shirt and then sting you when pressed. The bigger your clothing in the water, the more you get stung, so don't wear a t-shirt! Sea lice cases, and intensity of reaction, have increased in recent years. Palm Beach County has the most cases, because the Gulf Stream passes closest to the shore here. If you are being stung, you might feel a slight prickly sensation while in the water, but the real reaction will start later, when the jellyfish are pressed under your clothes, when you sit or lie down at the beach. 

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Salmon-pink wave wall with white trim.

Clocktower at the end of Worth Avenue.

Weekend morning at the beach.

The water is so enticing!

Coconut trees and classy apartment buildings, seen from the water.

Fun waves break on the shore.

View from inside the clocktower.

Benches along the pedestrian path and wave wall.

Fantastic mansion on side street across from the beach!

Dragonflies hover above the grass in the summertime.

Blissful view to the left of the clocktower.

Rocks on the beach, and stand up paddle guys out in the water.

I love the Caribbean yellow of this building at the ocean end of Worth Ave.

Gorgeous clocktower where Worth Ave meets the beach.

Wave breaking behind the clocktower on a perfect February day.

Apartment buildings at the end of Worth Ave where the ocean begins.

The color of the water. Aaah...the ocean!

A man walks along the shore, which is lined with shells.

Even on a relatively cold day the ocean is 79 degrees! The lifeguard sign at the end of Brazilian Ave.

The color of the water!

Rocks at the shore.

A little wave breaks.

Birds having a fight.

Criss cross waves and a bird flying near the shore.

The life of a bird is not bad!

Lifeguard shack, board, and buggy.

The pink wave wall.

Blissful scene as you enter the beach.

Sweet wave, as seen above the wave wall if you stand on Ocean Blvd.

Footsteps along the shore.

A child stands at the shore in a March morning.

Rocks that add definition to the beach.

Wave hitting the rocks.

Magical evening at the beach in December.

Coming back you might get stopped by the bridge- but thats ok!- more time to check out the views!

View of the beach from Brazilian Ave.

Clear water and rocks.

A lady swims in the clear water on a December day.

Shells along the shore...

Water rushing in around the rocks, in the late afternoon.

Wave wall and vibrant blue-green sea.

A bird swoops past a swimmer.

Coconut tree shadow along the path.

Beachgoers enjoying a February day.

Silvery plant on the sand.

Watch the ocean from the shade of the clocktower.

Shady spot in the white sand, and swimmers enjoying the day.


Midtown Beach is located where Worth Avenue meets Ocean Blvd, at 400 S. Ocean Blvd. You can park right at the water on Ocean Blvd for a hefty fee- $5 an hour, in the machines. If you don't mind walking, you can park along Worth Ave for free. Parking is limited to two hours along Worth Ave.
Exit Highway 95 at Okeechobee Blvd and head toward the ocean. You will cross several bridges to get to Palm Beach Island. The views are wonderful. Turn right on Cocoanut Row and then left on Peruvian Ave. Once at Ocean Blvd, turn left and park your car along the road. You pay at the machines with credit card or cash. Cost is $5 per hour. If you turn left on one of the side streets such as Brazilian Ave you can park for free in a few of the stalls. Most only allow 1 hr or 2 hr parking.


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